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i have had diabetes since i was born and i am now 20. i was on shots for 14yrs then got on the pump. changed pumps a few times. i hate them now. im tired of having that constant reminder on me, im tired of infusion set scars and having my pump get in the way of my clothes! so i got back on shots, love it. however, i have so much scar tissue on my body, the shots arent really working :[ i dont wanna get back on the pump… do i have any other options?

Have you talked with your doctor about your current dilemma and the concerns about scar tissue? I know everyone’s different, but I’ve been diabetic for 30 years, and I know plenty of other veterans who might have some areas they can’t use as much due to scar tissue, but still find plenty of other spots to inject/infuse. Also, what makes you certain it’s the scar tissue that’s contributing to your BG issues, which I’m assuming is what you mean when you say the ‘shots aren’t working’.

I’ve actually never heard of anyone having issues like that with scar tissue, but like I said, everyone is different. Where are you giving your injections?

Kayla, I was just about to comment on your page asking how the Cozmo was going… then I saw this discussion.

I use my legs for my pump and injections. There are lots of options on your thighs.

Do ask the doctor. Let us know what he/she says and we can brainstorm more options!

New device reduces the number of insulin shots

July 18: A new device for diabetes patients reduces the number of insulin shots. KXAS’s Meredith Land reports.

I hope this helps… YOU! Good LUCK!

I’ve had that problem as well for some reason. I usually try to do a guesstimate of how much I’ve lost and replace it…terrible I know.

I’m the same with a pump…don’t want to have something attached to me.

I hear you Mark, I cycle alot and it’s hard to find enough fatty tissue to inject. I do find a lot of times insulin coming back out. I try to leave the needle still for about 10-15 seconds and then cover the area really quick with my finger once the needle is out. It’s a pain. My stomach has a little but is now too scared up from using it so much I have caluses on each side of my bellybutton. My only advice is to keep rotating sites and try to go to the outside of those areas.

Just watched the video. I personally have tried the i-port and HATED it. Between the pump and the i-port I would do pump immediately over it, I would even do shots the regular way. The port is a lot bulkier then the infusion set for a pump, you can actually see the outline through your clothes on it. 90% of the time the cannula got bent no matter where I put it. The insulin always burned going in room temperature or not. If you are one say humalog and lantus then you can’t use the same port for both injections if they are closely timed together. If you do want to try the i-port have them send samples to you first instead of paying for them and most insurance companies do not pay for them and it is $150 every month.

There is another method that you can use with a pump called the untethered method. You would take a Lantus shot for 80 percent of your dose, perhaps using your lowest basal during the day? You can then hook up to the pump to dose for corrections and to bolus. This would eliminate shots, except for the Lantus. If you use your lowest basal setting during the day you can be off the pump all day and put the pump on during the hours of higher basal need, which for us, usually happens 6pm through midnight. If we used this method, depending on the day, technically, right now she could stay disconnected from 2am through 5 pm, hook up 6 through 12. During the day, higher basal needs can easily be taken care of with extra bolus insulin.

I really don’t know what to tell you about scar tissue. The only thing I can say is talk to your Dr and see if he has any ideas. I use my upper thighs alot and when my Dr seen my legs (thanks to me wearing shorts that day) he told me to start using my hip and love handel area. I took Type 1 at 10 and am now 45 so my arms were pretty much out. I can only use one side of my tummy b/c of scar tissue. My bs go wild if I use the other side of my tummy. Ending up in me having a 500 or higher bs and having to change my site to a new place.

Good point! I have scar tissue on my stomach, take a quick look at where a chart showing all viable places to give injections. I had to start moving to the outer edges to avoid adding to the scars/caluses.

Thank you Mike. I always wondered if it was just me but with Kayla’s question and some of the replies here I know it’s not. The dr like I said told me years ago to start spanning out . I wish I had that chart your talking about!!!

All you had to do was ask! Or search it on Yahoo! lol

That page and site has my intrest now. I love it! Thank you again MIke I think I’ll spend the rest of my time there today! HA!!