Hi. What do I do if I'm suppose to take 1 unit for 15g of but my carb total is only like 5g or a low amount is my 1 unit of insulin going to make me go low? Thanks

That's hard. You are just starting the process of testing your I:C ratio. I believe from what you said before that you think 1:15 will be too high; that you will need more insulin than that, especially for breakfast. But you don't know that yet. I wouldn't take the one unit for only 5 carbs, not until you know your I:C ratio better. The worst that could happen if you do is that you will go low and will need to carefully test and treat (and then it gives you info about your I:C ratio). But personally, I would go ahead and eat 15 units. You are very reluctant to add carbs I know, but 15 carbs is still a very low meal. And it will allow you to safely and more accurately bolus and then have data to "test" your I:C ratio of 1:15.

I'm just having a really hard time trying to figure out what I could eat for breakfast that would be 15g. I would have toast with a little bit of peanut butter, but doesn't bread usually cause big spikes?

Not necessarily, some people can eat it just fine. There were some suggestions in the other thread you posted but some I've had that were close to 15 were: One-half vegie sausage, scrambled with vegies and 1/3 Cup milk for my capp and eggs = 16, An omelette with vegies and the milk =12. Or the toast and peanut butter or toast with cheese or egg (1 slice toast) all would work. You also could have a tortilla that is small or a low carb wrap with eggs, vegies, cheese, meat, whatever

I wouldn't stress on this too much, denise, remember what you're doing now is gathering data. Later on when you get your I:C ratios right you can make different choices about food.

the tortilla sounds like a great idea actually. Thanks

I totally agree with Zoe. 15g is still low carb. Once you have your ratios etc. tweaked, then you can play with lower carb meals if you wish. For now I'd stick with multiples of (close to) 15.

Breathe ;)