I’m new to tudiabetes.org and I hope I’m posting in the right place. I was wondering if anyone here suffers from diabetes as a result of Hemochromatosis? I searched the forum and I hope I just didn’t miss any threads. Hemochromatosis is essentially the opposite of Anemia–it’s the body’s inability to process and pass iron (iron overload).

I was diagnosed with diabetes almost 5 years ago and Hemochromatosis about 3 years ago. Doctors are fairly certain that my diabetes are a complication of having such high iron levels.

If you’re out there I would like to compare notes. I am not de-ironed yet, but I have been “donating” a pint of blood every week for almost three years in an effort to rid myself of the iron.

This seems like a great site for both support and resources. I wish I would have found it sooner.


welcome here, Steve. I googled hemochromatosis and diabetes, and came upon this article in Diabetes Self Management. You probably already know all this stuff. I’ll try to see if anyone else here has written about it.

Welcome Steve. I thought being type 1 was a hassle. Sheesh, you have more on your plate than I do. I have no experience but I sure want to wish you well and hope that you can get some resolution for this condition. Any idea how long it will take to get de-ironed?

Keep us posted on your progress and Good Luck!

Thanks Ron. No idea how long it will take. For awhile I was hoping to be de-ironed by Christmas, but it’s looking doubtful. Now I’m thinking Spring at some point. I’m kind of eager to get there so that I don’t have to give blood so often and that no more damage occurs. I never thought it would take this long.