Here goes nothing

I’ve been sort of in and out of this community over the past year, but I’ve been aching for somewhere to talk about diabetes-related stuff, so maybe it’s a good idea for me to start blogging here.

I’ve worked in the video game development industry for about four years now, an industry famous for its long hours and crazy work cycles. It puts a lot of stress on the body and mind, and naturally has a major effect on my diabetes control and treatment.

Along with the silly hours (upwards of ninety hours a week at times), there’s also more stress factors and less access to healthy food at proper intervals. Frequently we’re pretty much required to binge on pizza for several meals in a row, which is obviously not too great for blood glucose levels! The upswing is that it’s a learning experience - I’m becoming better and better able to keep good control through these situations, and as such have adapted to a wider variety of diet options and blood-glucose-emergency-mitigation.

I remember a couple of years ago, interviewing with a large game development firm and they actually made a point of mentioning the 80-90 hour work weeks.

Anyway, how are your BG levels doing?

They’re doing pretty great! Once I got used to treating myself better given the work hours, I managed to keep my numbers consistently in range. Last A1c was still under 6!

You rock, man!! Congrats.