Back after awhile, It's been crazy

It has been awhile since I have had time to get on, heck it has been awhile since I have had time to even think.. The past few months have been Hell. I finally got a full time job, it still isn't enough to pay the bills so I am stuck doing 65 hour weeks and being gone from the house 16 hours a day Monday-Friday. This is throwing my sugars for a loop,nothing terrible but I seem to be running in the higher end of normal vs my preferred lower end. Well I guess on the bright side I haven't been sliding below 70 recently. Just don't know how long I can keep up working these hours I need the money but worry about driving after nodding off at a stop sign the other day.

I also am trying not to be bitter towards my wife, she hasn't worked full time in years, but I am stuck working basically 2 full time jobs. I also worry about her she has been depressed again, and I am thinking she might need to go back on her meds, She has eye swelling which her eye doctor has looked at and told her to get her thyroid checked. I have been bugging her to gett into her GP for her thyroid as well as for the fact that she has PCOS and the few times I have checked her sugar she falls into the higher end of bormal. She thinks I am paranoid but her family has a history of type 2 as well her being a little over weight and the PCOS I worry about her being Prediabetic or Type 2.

The girls are doing great. Violet, my youngest has become a terror and is starting to get potty trained. My new work schedule is hard on Macey, my wife doesn't have the patients for both girls and Macey doesn't like me being gone all day. I have to admit it is hard on me. Both girls are still showing a understanding and knowledge about my diabetes that amazes me. Macey has asked if I need to test when I get moody, which has been more recently due to lack of sleep then low sugar, but still impresses me that she understands.

The new job is going ok. It's a phone bank so it is a nice change in some ways(AC and not breaking my back), I don't like how they do the schedule, it's based on performance and can change monthly. Mostly its the changing monthly thing I don't like. The management is young and I don't know how versed in legal guidelines they are. I have explained to the head of scheduling that I am a T-1 and have doctors appointments planned out 6 months in advance. His response was "Put in for the time off using PTO/VTO and if you don't get you would have to reschedule or take an hit on attendance". Now I am wondering how to mention the fact that I fall under the ADA and I will have the time off for appointments without taking a hit or burning my time off or taking a hit to my attendance and also how to do this tactfully (explain it to scheduling or .skip that and bring it up to HR.) I understand during training I need some flexibility but after that it is a different story. Am I being unreasonable or just sticking up for my rights.

Well must run and shower before work hopefully I will be back before my one celebration of one year with the D. Well I am off and will leave you with a remake of a classic that anyone who has worked to much should understand.

Hey man. That’s a tough situation you describe. You are a real man though to do what you have to for your family. Hopefully it won’t last long and you will get a better full time job that will be sufficient to keep your bills paid. Sorry to hear about your wife too. I don’t think I could work two full time jobs and I’m so glad I don’t have to. How fast that can change though. Good luck to you!

Hope you can find something with a more sustainable schedule soon. My admiration for doing what needs to be done. Loved the video, the original was the first big reggae hit outside of Jamaica.

@BadMoon You know your music. My older brother was into 2-tone and old reggae/ska so I grew up listening to Desmond Dekker, Prince Buster and to an extent that I couldn’t appreciate till older Judge Dread.

@lotsofshots Don’t make me do my Joe Pesci Good fellows rant “Want am I a Clown”. LOL

Jim, I play “Rivers of Babylon” with my friends. The original was by the Melodians but Steve Earle did an interesting cover. He calls it Hillbilly Reggae.