Hey guys do any other diabetics suffer from these problems

hey guys so i was diagnosed diabetic type 1 over 17 years ago when diagnosed was would extremley high sugar iv been trying to figuire out some stuff recently discovered my liver not dumping glucose and i have some other wierd problems some reason i think its not diabetes related here are my symptoms *bloated/gas when i eat *body is not digesting sugar or breaking down so no rise from drinks or sugar. *never feel urge to pee have to force myself to go pee. when missing basal shot liver not dumping glucose which is not normal even i know even a type 2 who pancreas still producing some insulin whos on basal if they miss there shot they would rise there sugar levels. and as a type 1 my liver should be dumping sugar like crazy. i missed my shot recently for a day and monitored to make sure i was right and monitored for 24 hours and sugar levels was flat when i missed my basal insulin. another thing body feels like i have no adrenaline in my body or fight/flight at times where should be kicking in. my doctor isnt really helping but i will continue to fight doctor. just woundering has any other experinced these symptoms it would be nice to meet other diabetic who may be experiencing similar problems please feel free to reply

Was your BG in the normal non diabetic range (70-100) during this time?

It’s common for T1Ds to need thyroid meds, has your doctor checked your levels?

Long time diabetes can cause gastro problems, that cause these symptoms.

If you are seeing an endo, and they are not helping, get a new doctor.

hey thank you for replying no doctor hasnt checked my thyroid i think i will speak to my doctor reguarding this. reguarding sugar level even when 70-100 level its flat wont rise when i have no basal insulin and even above it will stay flat with no basal insulin. also i find if i eat somting and sugar has rise when i have to inject multiple times just to move my sugar level to come down or move theres times il inject 3x 4x or alot more times and sugar wont move and somtimes it will come down very easly

Do you see an Endocrinologist? I’m not sure if you would need to ask an Endo or a primary care doctor. My primary always refers me to specialist. I have had Type 1 for almost 25 years. I started seeing a new Endo a few years back and they did tests on different hormones. They mentioned he possibleility of Addison’s disease. I don’t have it but it can cause a lot of low blood sugars. I just had low Cortisol in the blood tests. Still not sure why though. Addison’s is basically an Autoimmune Andrenal Gland disease. I asked people on this site before about it and you should definitely try going to a doctor soon or get a second opinion. I remember someone saying that they were diagnosed after going to the emergency room.
I know with my issues it’s complicated to diagnose a lot of things. For a while doctors would blame the Diabetes. But finally I had a specialist figure out I have multiple autoimmune diseases. Stomach and bladder can be from Diabetes or other Autoimmune diseases.

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Gastroenteritis? Have you ever “passed a stone?” Have you had your liver function checked?

I don’t have the faintest idea about missing the basal!?!?!?! I would say thats pretty unusual. I’ve been in places where I was taking WAY too much basal, and so didn’t really require any bolus for meals, but basal? For 24 hours? Why didn’t you take your basal immediately upon realizing that you had missed it? Are you tending to run low? Can you post numbers?

Not feeling the urge to urinate can be caused by diabetic neuropathy, which damages the bladder nerves so that you don’t feel the normal sensation of urinary urge.

Consider getting tested for celiac disease which can impact your digestion (bloating and malabsorption). It is also systemic and can affect other organs. About 10% of TD1s are diagnosed with it. It can develop at anytime and is strongly linked to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and TD1. There are over 200 symptoms. A simple blood test can start the process.


hey updating you guys so i been to docs got my them to do blood test on thyroid liver kidney and fbc

here are my recent blood test result included thyroid check and other checks

I have had Celiac for a while (not as long as my Diabetes, although it sometimes feels like it was), and I was also once told that many diabetics have Celiac, so I would suggest that as well.

Too bad they did not check for celiac disease or any other autoimmune disorders (you can have normal thyroid tests and
Still have autoimmune thyroiditis). Consider getting a second opinion from another doctor.