Hi, anyone use Freestyle Libre (14 Day) have a question

Hi there, I’m a Type 1 Diabetic, and I’ve been using the Libre for about half or less than half a year; I’ve been looking for Windows Software to download to print out the charts/sheets/etc. but on their official US site, I cannot find a download link? I tried to use the links here: https://www.myfreestyle.com/data-management however the Auto-Assist does not seem to work with my Freestyle Libre 14-day.

I’ve been looking everywhere for the link that works with my system but there doesn’t seem to be one? I know my doctors use it to print the charts each visit, but I wanted to print them and write down my insulin intake/any notes that I wanted to add.

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Look at libreview.com - it uploads reader data and creates reports - same as your doctors

I believe auto-assist is for meters for testing glucose with strips

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Thank you so much Tony, thats exactly what I was looking for! You’re a lifesaver. :slight_smile:

The reports generate a PDF which you can email to the doctor to look at ahead of time and save the hassle of an office upload

Yeah! I just found the feature/printed mine out. I asked the doc last time if there was a way to do it before we came and they just didn’t tell us how. They were gonna have me visit a second time JUST to be told how to use the meter (which I already do) I just needed to know what the software was, haha. :slight_smile: