Hi this is donna


hi my name is donna i am a type one diabtic since 1975 i had this since i was six years of age and i have open heart surgey since the age of 2 I just take to shots a day i test four times a day, I WORK FULL TIME and recetly had troulbe at my job i had a low blood sugar reaction and a lot of my co workers thinks that i have been faking my attacks but how can a juvuline diabetic fake an attack its behond me, im trying to deal with this problem but its really stressing me out but i have learned from the past not to take things so serioulsy but how can a co worker thinks of faking something like this, im okay know it just that it hurts to know that youre friends think that i have shown them how i test the blood and i had shown them if in case of emgerncey where everything is so how can i fake it ? i just thought it will be nice to join a new web and to meet new people and to see how many people deal with there diabeties at there job, i had never had use my diabeties as an ecusse or dealing of being so stressful if anyone has any stories on how they deal with there diabeties at there job im all ears, thanks for listening


Hi Donna. I’ve had the opposite problem. Some coworkers observed a mild low blood sugar, and now they think that I’m fragile.

It’s horrible that your coworkers are calling you a liar and a shirker. Can you stay late to make up some work the next time you have a problem with low blood sugar? I don’t think ethics require you to stay, but it would make the point that you aren’t avoiding work. Ignoring jerks can be hard.


Sounds to me like a call to HR is in order