I just checked my blood glucose levels and my machine said Hi for the first time ever in 23 years with diabetes,checked my ketons level and it was 0.4 mmol.
Took some insulin but feeling really sick and cant stop drinking is there anything else that I need to do any advice would be really appreciated,this is not a nice feeling at all.
Please some help.

Others with more experience than me will chime in, I’m sure, but I’m wondering if you shouldn’t go to the Emergency Room as you might be experiencing DKA? We want you to be ok!

Do you know how high your meter goes? I’m not sure how many mg/dL .04 mmol is, but i can bet it’s pretty high as far as ketones go. Yesterday, I had ketones in my urine and they were gone after about an hour after taking insulin and drinking water. If you still have them and your BG is not coming down, get to the hospital.

You might have some sort of infection that’s causing your blood glucose to skyrocket at the same time your body desperately needs energy to fight off the infection. Have you had any other symptoms prior to finding the high BG? headache, earache, lungs, stomach, anything?

Keep a close watch on your BG - if it doesn’t go down rapidly within a couple of hours of the insulin dose you took, or if the ketones don’t resolve themselves within that time, go to the hospital. Tell them first to deal with your DKA, and second to look for signs of an infection - that’s the most likely reason for a sudden change in BG + ketones like that.

I saw that once that is how I found out I was type 1. Most meters say hi when your bs is 500-600+. If you can’t get your bs down in 24 hrs. GO TO ER!!! my suggestion Let us know how you are doing.

I know you wrote that quite a while ago, but hope you are feeling better, and that you have a chance to consult with a doctor or have gone to the emergency room. It is important to get your bg down before something more serious happens (i.e. DKA). With a BG of more than 32mmol (which is the maximum on some meters before HI appears/which is over 600mg for US equivalent), it isn’t something you want to mess with yourself trying to fix. There could be that an underlying infection could be keeping them high, for which you may need antibiotics, but please don’t wait. If they are still high, you need to be seen asap.

I always feel sick on the rare occasion my glucose is higher than 400 mg/dl (22.2 mmol/l). Hopefully you are better now.

I was told that if I cannot get your blood sugar to go down with insulin, go to the emergency room right away because they can find out what is wrong. If you go, tell them your blood sugar won’t come down no matter how much insulin you take. That will make you a higher priority. If you are sick, you might need more insulin than usual, but the blood sugar will drop. That is not as critical, and doesn’t necessarily warrant a trip to the emergency room.

The sick feeling may go away as soon as your blood sugar drops, but if it doesn’t you should drink extra water until you don’t have ketones anymore, and consume some extra potassium. Sometimes when I get too dehydrated, I get potassium defficient. You know orange juice and bananas are great sources, but a better source for me is coconut water. Not coconut milk, but coconut water. Only 15 grams of carbs and it has more potassium than a large banana.

Hey guys thanks for your feedback but everything is back to normal I kept an eye on my levels and as soon as I took the insulin I saw that I was coming down.I checked my ketons and saw it was on the lower of the scale that we where given so there was no need for Emergency just had so much water and kept visiting the loo.lol lol,I think I might have an infection in my tooth as I`ve had pain there for some time now went into hospital with ketons because of that end of last year.So a visit to the dentist for me. :frowning:
But I did feel awful would not wish that on anyone let alone myself I was just so scared as I have never seen a hi on my meter before, the only good thing that came out of it was that I woke lower then I have ever woke up before woke up at 5.8 thats right on target so now just to hope for good readings for the day.
Thank you and hope for great results for you all.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Glad that you feel better! Hope that your readings stay good now!

I have had this happen to me a few times and it is exhausting. I feel tired for at least 24 hours later too… This usually only happens to me when I have problems with insulin delivery or forget an injection, but infections can cause it too.

Hope that you can get to the dentist soon! (Ugh I hate going to the dentist.)

Glad that you are feeling better. I know how you feel…I havent seen “HI” in many, many years…but I do see the 300’s and it can be exhausting! Take care and hope you have a good weekend and the blood sugars behave!

glad you’re feeling better…

It is exhausting I feel so out of it today thank you for telling me that its normal to feel like that to bad not everyone else understands that its kind of hard living around none diabetics at times but we are survivers.
I did go to the Dentist I have to get my molar taken out (nasty) and have a good old clean and some fillings so they booked and hour of treatment for me on wednesday not looking forward to it at all believe me,just think dentist makes everything ten times worse take as much blood as you want but dont send me to the dentist thats what I think.
Dont have much choice so making a little prayer and hope for the very best.
Thank you all for your kind words means a lot.

I feel so bad for you. I’m glad the BS came down right away. It seems like we have to deal with so much more than the average person!!

I’m so glad to hear you’re better, Osob. The combination of the extremely high readings and your feeling sick was what led so many of us to suggest the ER if the numbers didn’t come down, because DKA is nothing to mess with. But when you feel awful, the last thing you want to do is go and sit in the ER, so I’m glad it didn’t come to that. I know how you feel about the dentists, I avoid it as well…sigh. But in the scheme of things it is a small thing. Take care of yourself as your body recuperates from that HI.

Happy you’re better. Really is scary seeing HI & worrying.

I dread going to the dentist. Break out in a cold sweat as soon as I walk in the door. You’re not alone!

Glad to know you are doing better. I was going to suggest hospital also, until I read other posts…stay well.