Ugh, 519

Not sure what happened, maybe it was the Carmello bar and the Sprite, buuut my sugar was high all night. I bolused, but I think maybe my pump is in a bad spot or something went wrong. Anyway, it's at 108 now but I don't feel well. I'm tired, and I feel out of it. Will this go away? Or should I go to the er? I've never tested for ketones before my doctor literally said not to bother. I haven't been this high in a while so maybe that's why I feel so awful.

I agree with Sally that you don't need to go to the ER. You did what they would do, but do drink plenty of water through the day. You most likely had Ketones. Your entire body should feel pretty bad after being high. You just beat up you organs for a little while and your body wants to recover. You already know all of this as we all do when we put that food item in our mouth and don't compensate for the carbs. It wouldn't hurt to call your Dr. to talk on the phone and see what he/she suggest.

Sounds like you had a bit of DKA. When you do you need more insulin to bring it back. And your insulin needs will be more for a while. Also it takes a while to get those ketones to be removed. You can slip back into DKA easier the second or third time.

It is very dangerous.Ive only had it a few times, the older I get the tougher it is.

I agree with the others, if your sugar is back in range, you can tough it out. If you get sick and you can't bring it back in, that's when you need to go to the ER.

The reason your Endo tells you to not test ketones is that it's sort of like testing your urine for glucose, by the time it gets to your urine, it's been a long time, your blood may have recovered or gotten worse and the urine ketone result is basically useless.

Have you considered a corner of a caramello and a DIET Sprite? You might get used to it and actually prefer it.
I switched to artificial sweeteners and then I just stopped using any. I found I really like things unsweetened like coffee and tea.

I still like sweets and I HAVE THE FULL LEADED VERSION. I just cut the size down and correct for it.

binging comes from too much restriction. I think we should eat what we want in smaller portions and we are more likely to feel normal.

Oh and If I'm feeling low and near a donut shop... well guess what. IM GETTIN ME A DOUGHNUT!!!