Middle of the night vomiting

T2 diagnosed about five months ago. I’m still not regulated perfectly but staying 180 or below.

I am randomly having horrible episodes of vomiting. Always between 2-3 am and the one time I did test when this happened, I was 180 fasting. Last episode two nights ago and was160 when I woke up the next day. Starts with extreme fatigue bg 130 went to bed. Woke up, threw up fir about ten mins back to bed.

Any ideas? Ever heard of this? My am numbers fasting are my worst but I’m at aloss. Any thghts?


I often vomit when my glucose is very low (40 or below)... Your numbers are a bit high and that could also be a factor... Could you be low when it happens? Are you testing at that time. You did not mention medication...

I have only been able, meaning physically up to, testing once. I was high for fasting almost 200. I am assuming this is what is happening but I didn’t know if it could be from the diabetes. It’s scary. I’m on metformin 1500 mg. once daily. I am thinking it may be time for a specialist, not a PA.

Are you taking the Metformin at night or in the morning?

I take mine in the am.

I'd like to say that there goes my theory, but I still think it could be the Met.

Metformin is known for GI side effects. I started out on 500mg--and it was extended release, at that. I spent three days doing everything I could not to throw up. I came very close to missing classes because of it. Every time I've gone higher, I've spent 2-3 days of being sick. One time I took 500mg per day instead of 1,000mg for three days because I was running out, and the day I went back to 1,000 I nearly flunked a final because I kept leaving the room so I wouldn't puke on my laptop.

It doesn't sound like Met's doing a good job on your blood sugars, anyway. I think you should mention this to the PA, see if he/she is willing to switch your meds. If that doesn't work, I'd suggest you find someone else to see. And yes, a specialist would be a good idea.

I think it could be the metformin too. That made me more nauseous I think when I was in dka- I only took one pill. Or it could be your high bg or something else. I would definitely consult someone with more expertise. Hope you feel better soon.

Yes.. I would definitely try different meds and maybe insulin to get better control too.

Sper Sally, I think a long time. I can remember symptoms but the blood work didn’t confirm it. It’s always been just under the surface you know? For sure for over a year undiagnosed. PA wants to add Januvia but I will not take it. FDA investigating it for links to pancreatic cancer and it is already linked to pancreatitis. Both run in my family. Never heard of gastroparesis? Will check that out. Gonna see a specialist thanks all:)

Januvia's been linked to worse than that.

Apparently, Januvia interferes with your body's ability to fight cancer-type cells. Most people get small clusters of cancer-type cells between 8 and 10 times in their life. Januvia makes it harder for your body to recognize these cells and get rid of them.

I wouldn't take Januvia, either. I'd been on it at first, and it was a wonderful pill, but knowing what I know now, I wouldn't dare touch it.

It's funny, because Metformin is actually supposed to help your body fight certain types of cancer. Even though it doesn't work amazingly for me, I don't want to get off it because cancer majorly runs in my family.

Isn’t there a test to determine gastroperesis by doing an EKG.? But I would also suggest talking to your pharmacist to see if any other medication could be going this. Nancy