High And Low Blood Sugar

My son Griffin is 8 years old. He’s been sick since Wednesday with a cold. His blood sugars are spiking like crazy so I’m having to correct him for the highs alot. Once I get him back to a stable blood sugar he drops really low. He doesn’t seem hungry and is not wanting to eat. But I need to get some kind of cards in him to keep his blood sugar normal. Does anyone have any suggestions of things they feed their kids when they are sick? I’m worried about sending him to school on Monday if his blood sugar is still unstable because we took him off Dexcom for now because he was getting a rash from it. Without having Dexcom he will have to check his blood sugar more frequently which means more time going to the nurse. I don’t know I’m just a bit nervous. Anyone have any advice?

i Jenifer. I’m crystal… my son is also a T1D. I am also dealing w/ blood suga issues… when he gets sick his blood sugars will go real high and get large amounts of Ketones… I have never really had the problem of getting him to eat anything if he wasn’t in DKA. but just once here recently he had caught a viruS, (he gets sick EVERY time any thing is going round)…except for this time He didn’t have high blood sugars or Hi ketone. instead he hadvery low blood sugars and they stayed loW. with diarrhea vomiting he wCouldn’t eat but somehow I managed to get food Instagram because he had no choice. and when he get it wet and throw up or diarrhea all over again his blood sugars kept dropping steadily we went to the emergency room we went to his PCP twice. it was a loNg sleepless miserable week & 1/2… That was a new experience of sick days. It was very hard to contend with …

Hi Jennifer, sorry griffin is not feeling well. I guess I would say for now count your blessings it is a cold and not a stomach bug! If things don't stabilize today I would consider keeping him home Monday, letting him rest will help healing and also be less stressful on you and also him having to worry about where he is at and extra checks. As far as food goes I would consider simple stuff like crackers but adding in some protein or fat like peanut butter, cheese, milk. he may also like popsicles or a yogurt or icecream smoothie adding in some fruit for some nutrition, bananas are a good choice to add in or any kind of yogurt if he likes that. toast with peanut butter, chocolate spread or butter and cinnamon and sugar?? anyways if he is high then low perhaps bolus less. is he eating when you correct?? I find blousing without food can bring dramatic results. just some thoughts hope he feels better today and you also stay healthy and find some peace! blessings, amy

Hello, I am sort of new at this but I have a suggestion. There are some diabetic shakes out on the market ( I would not make a habit of it b/c they seem pretty un natural as far as ingredients go). They have slow release carbs to stabilize blood sugar. Saw them at Walgreens. That may be an easy thing to convince a kid to drink and give you piece of mind. This disease is already such a pain in the ■■■ but adding sick days to the stress really sucks!! Hang in there. My son is almost 4 and I am putting off preschool because of this very reason:( Good luck!

We find that it is often easier to drink rather than eat sometimes. Gatorade, chocolate milk, milkshakes, even a bit of juice if he is low. My son usually goes high with a cold (especially with a cough) and then low afterward. Good luck.

Thank You so much Amy for your food suggestions I will try all of them. He seems to be feeling a bit better today but his blood sugar is still unstable so I may be keeping him home Monday. Thanks Again. :)

Thanks so much Sarah I will look for the shakes. :)

Thanks so much for your suggestions. :)

Thanks so much for your input. I'm sorry that you are dealing with these blood sugar issues as well.

Using mini-glucagon was extremely useful once when my daughter had a stomach bug. She was throwing up everything for hours, then stopped after a dose of Zofran. On the second day, she became ravenously hungry. I gave her small amounts of GI-friendly food and I made sure that she was keeping everything down before I let her eat a regular-sized meal. I thought we were well out of the woods, but when it came time for her next meal, she pre-boluses, ate her meal, then promptly threw everything up. She already had a decent amount of insulin on board, but no carbs, not even juice would stay down and she started going quite low. Mini-glucagon to the rescue!

Regarding the Dexcom rash, have you tried spraying a prescription steroid inhaler on his skin first and using a tough pad underneath?

No I have not tried that yet. But I think I will because he is having so many rashes with Dexcom and I need to get him back on it so we can start Night Scout. Thanks for all your help :)