Help sick t1

how do you get yours daughter or son to keep stuff down when they don’t feel good. ?? my son have the stomach flu & he can’t keep anything down. & i just don’t know what to do. help

If I’m sick to my stomach and feel like throwing up, I watch my blood sugar closely and I just don’t eat. I also cut back on my insulin appropriately. I keep taking my basal insulin and just don’t take my mealtime insulin for the meals I miss. Weirdly enough, my blood sugar in this circumstance seems easier to control. Regular (non-diet) ginger-ale helps me to increase my blood sugar if I am getting low and also eases nausea. No one has to eat every day but everyone needs to stay hydrated and within normal blood sugar limits. Drink lots of water. Good luck!


I can’t be of much help, but when I was in this situation as a child, I always got a suppository. I don’t know exactly what it was, but it worked. It made me stop puking and I was able to keep things down after getting it. Something to look into, maybe?

You were probably given either compazine or phenergan. These days oral Zofran (Ondansetron) is most often used. You should call either Eric’s endocrinologist (or the endocrinologist on call as it is likely after hours as I write this) or whoever is on call for Eric’s primary care provider and ask her/him to call in a prescription for Zofran (or any one of the other -tron antiemetics). In the meantime, I’d follow Terry4’s advice.

Good luck and let us know how Eric is doing.

What treatment is he on? Basically you should be dropping the insulin dose, not dosing as usual and trying to get him to eat. With a pump you can just dial the basal back and keep an eye on things with fingersticks. Same goes for lantus/levemir MDI, if it’s not too late to adjust his basal dosage. If he’s already had his daily shot and can’t keep anything down he may need to go to the ER, though those insulins don’t necessarily induce severe hypos even if you’re not eating much–you may be able to get away with just keeping a close eye on it with fingersticks.

All this is assuming it’s stomach flu and not incipient DKA, which can have similar symptoms starting out.

throwing up and not keeping anything down can be dangerous, as said a trip to ER could be in order, do you have keto strips?

• When vomiting occurs in a child or adolescent
with diabetes, it should always be considered a
sign of insulin deficiency until proven otherwise
for future reference, this may help for next time

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Hi assuming have tested Ketones? In uk we’re taught with stomach bug or flu type illness can have in range blood sugar but high ketones. Maybe seek medical advice. Good luck.

he on Zofran & i was told he needs to drink a lot fluids. i did take him in to the after hours clinic. & by some miracle it was his primary care provider who check him for keto he don’t have them. & told me to keep a eye on him with fingersticks & told me to drop his insulin dose. & to try & get him eat. so far he can keep down ginger-ale food he just Vomit it up.

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OK, the link should help you a lot. do you have urine or blood keto sticks now?

I’m T2 and no one can give advice over the net. Going by the link, sugar water/soda and electrolytes may be enough for safety and I would follow the instructions from the link, if in any doubt, ring a Dr, ER or ambulance .

i have urine keto sticks. i’m going follow the instructions from the link. i did just check him for keto so far he don’t have any.


I hope you had an easy night and things are better this morning

just was wanting to let you all know how eric is doing. i had to take him to the er last night. he had a severe hypos. they check him for keto. check to see if he had insulin deficiency which he did. & check him for any other things to. we still waiting for the labs to see if he have Celiac Disease.

Hi Amanda, tell Eric that we’re pulling and praying for him. Hope he was able to pass kidney stones.


he did pass the kidney stones. & just was wanting to let you all know how he is doing today. the labs to see if he have Celiac Disease came back positive. they are going do a endoscopy today. & we wanting for his endocrinologist to talk to us about why he was insulin deficiency. but all the other labs they did came back & they are all OK. & i feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.


It gets easier, I promise

well i guess i post saying how i’m doing. I’m back at home. & just when i thought things are geting better they get worse. they did a endoscopy to check me for Celiac Disease that came back positive. & as for me being insulin deficiency it is due to a lot of things the big one was I’m over my Long honeymoon period. so i have to see my endocrinologist to see where we go from here. other then that i feel helpless & about ready to give up.

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