High and Low sugars

While reviewing my glucose since the beginning of January, I noticed a significant change in my numbers for the better. However, I still have trouble remedying high and low glucose. An example, I'll have a number of 55 and I'll freak out and eat something sugary. 2 hours later, it will be 255.

Now, I recently discovered that you should only ingest 15 grams of sugar when your glucose is low, which I may have learned from this site, and I have done that before. It works but it isn't quick. I can't tell you if it's society's wish for instant gratification to have my sugar come back to normal right away but I feel as though it's dangerous to carry a low blood sugar for a long time. (something like a half hour)

Lets say that my glucose is 42 and I eat something worth 15 grams of sugar, isn't there a possibility that I could still fall into some trouble while my body adjusts itself?

I guess what I'm really asking is, should I be more patient? My glucose is doing so much better but I'm still experiencing severe highs and lows sometimes. I just want to get myself straight. My glucose has been absolutely perfect today and while that isn't rare, I want today to be the beginning of my journey for perfection, 99.9% of the time.

I know it won't always be easy because this journey will always be difficult and frustrating and perfection may not be the right word to use but it's the closest to what I aspire to have.

A lot of times, for "moderate" lows, I will try to treat them with less than 15G, like 4-8 Jelly beans, with each bean being a shade under a gram. I sort of cheat in that I have a pump and a CGM so I have pretty good data about how much insulin is left "on board" or what the "angle" of the CGM line is so I can sort of estimate the direction my BG is going but when I am really zonking hard and over treat lows, I also see the highs pretty readily? I like to wait > 15 minutes too, as sometimes it's not quite "registering" by 15 minutes but in 20-30 minutes, my BG will be ok and end up in a better place for treating.

Good topic though. If it were "transplanted" to the forums, you might get more answers?

Hah! I thought it was on the forums! Thanks for the quick response though!