High BG no matter what!

i woke up today with a bg of 165 today i didnt consider it a high reading but now that i think of it, its a high one (because i think its supposed to be in between 70 - 110 when i wake up). i ate a normal breakfast.
2 hrs later thought i’d test just to make sure that everything is ok, and guess what, it wasnt. i was 247!! so i took 3 extra units to take this reading down (i thought it would go back to normal after these three units (and i forgot to test again after a while)
so 3 and a half hours later (before lunch) it was 248 :(( :(( how come after taking 3 extra units and eating NOTHING at all it doesnt even go down??!
anyway i took 3 more units with lunch, and one hour and a half later its still 230!
now (2 hours or something after i took 3 units) its 236!!!

WHAT IS THE MATTER??? why arent my BGs going down (all the time im feeling hungry and low and i DIDNT eat anything AT ALL other than the breakfast and lunch).
all this extra insulin i took today, is it tooo much??and is it harmful (i always take 2 or 3 extra units whenever im high)??
Could someone please tell me what is wrong with me?? it seems like im not taking insulin or my body is just rejecting it, and its ANNOYING ME (im one the verge of breaking down and just giving up) :’(
Has this happened to anyone before?? what am i supposed to do?!

What kind of insulin is it? Did you inject insulin when you ate your breakfast? What did you eat? Seems I only have questions, but rapid insulin most always reduces my bg fairly quickly. I wonder if your insulin might be bad.

this happens to me around pms haha its like my body decides to go crazy on me. However, whatever you do, do not stop eating because to rid ketones you need insulin followed by a carbohydrate. Could it be that your insulin is not working properly? i would open a new vile and inject into a place where you’re confident you don’t have scar tissue. It could be any of those things. PMS, infection, flu, bad insulin or just an off day. Its a tricky disease

i take acatarapid. and yes i did inject insulin before i eat. i ate some broad beans (its an egyptian meal) and some bread.

You do the revenge bolus too…that’s funny. It is more common than you think! I take the extra because basing a correction bolus on a snapshot doesn’t cover the mileage that may be left in an upward swing of blood glucose. My CGMS usually gives me a good idea of how big my revenge bolus needs to be, but if you don’t have that, don’t stress over taking several extra units to test the waters.

Don’t stress too much over what is causing the upward swing that seems to laugh at your corrective boluses. Just deal with the situation- you know there is definitely an amount that will correct it, but you are hesitant to jump that high because it is out of the ordinary and you know what too much insulin can do. Get more aggressive, take control, and you will feel better. If you overshoot, eat a donut or indulge in some orange juice. However, do give the insulin some time to work. Don’t dose every 15 minutes if you don’t see things starting to head downwards or taper off- give it 45 minutes before you do another correction.

Nothing is wrong with you- this is diabetes.

P.S. I have to give credit to Dave for the term “revenge bolus”- I loved it so much that I adopted it.

There can be any number of reasons

  • your insulin can be out of date or bad,
  • you could be extra insulin resistant. This happens to me a couple of days before that time of the month, and it’s like I xcan’t take enough insulin
  • it could be the food you’re eating. If I eat fatty food, my bgl’s are often impacted for hours and hours
  • you might have a low grade infecton or illness or something going on that is causing your bgl’s to rise
  • you aren’t taking enough insulin to cover your foods
  • your digestive system is out of whack
    And so on. Try to rule out reasons one by one - start by checking your insulin, or using a fresh bottle to see if that makes a difference. And work from there. Test, test, test!

my insulin cant be out of date i was just using it yesterday and everything was fine (also i just got it and i checked the date and its still good)
i think it might be because of the food but still, a long time since lunch and i took 3 extra units at lunch and 3 more two hours after lunch. could all the insulin i took is still not enough?
So should i go take 5 units or something now and see what happens?or should i take more than 5 units?
could u please advice??

Hi Sarah,

Ideally, fasting readings should be under 100.

Don’t give up & don’t have a breakdown, though know how you feel. I didn’t think I was ill several weeks ago when I had a similiar experience because I felt fine. Sure enough, the next day I had the flu. Hormones, infection (that we’re not always aware of ) & good ole stress can cause this. I was injecting every hour & nothing was working. Was afraid I was going to crash, but numbers were barely inching down. I drank a lot of water, went for a long walk (to relieve my panic more than anything else) & that didn’t do much either. I kept repeating to myself—this will pass, this will pass. I was up the whole night testing.

Good advice to check your insulin to be sure it’s not off & to pick a new site. I open a new vial when this has happens to be sure.

I’m a revenge bolus-er, too! Been repridmanded by my endo for this, but I don’t care. When I’ve been conservative about only taking the “correct” correction dose, it never does enough because I’ve learned it’s part of an upward swing & I know I’m going to be even higher soon.

Hang tight because your BG will come down.

So i should take a “revenge bolus”??
how many units am i supposed to take? i dont want to take too much and then find out that im low
is 5 units good? how much do u guys take?

OMG!!! i just tested, and its 310
something is definitely wrong because i didnt eat anything since lunch which was 5 hours ago
Thats it. im taking 6 units and i dont care if its too much (which i doubt they are)
hopefully next time i test it wont be higher.

Impossible to answer that question because everyone is different. For me, 1 u of rapid acting lowers me about 60 points, unless I’m sick. I’m a small person so my doses may be lower than other people’s. You want to be careful not to overlap insulin too much because you may drop really quickly from the cumulative doses.

I found out my correction dose through trial & error.

When was your last injection?

Crack open a new vial of insulin and inject in a spot that hasn’t seen any recent use. Take the 6 units and monitor closely. You’ll be fine.

my last injection was now i took 6 units because just found out that my bg is 310.
and before that it was 4 hours ago (which didnt really seem to work coz my bgs are still rising up)

keep on drinking water, flush out those kidneys , keep on testing …suddenly you may drop . Any ketones ?? You are about 9 hours ahead, of where I live in Canada; can you still go for a walk to bring numbers down or jog on the spot ?
And correct you are : it is very annoying…maybe even an unexplained HIGH …hang in there Sara.

Welcome to insulin resistance really bad news.

Like the others have said, there could be lots of different factors at play here. As far as the “revenge” or correction bolus is concerned, 1 unit of rapid acting insulin generally brings a high BG down by about 2 mmol/l (approx. 40 mg/dl). 2 extra units of actrapid at breakfast would have sufficed in my case, provided I was going to be having a lazy day and not doing much in the way of physical activity. Don’t forget as well that actrapid works for about 4 hours, so if you’re testing again after 2 hours you’ve got to remember that actrapid is still working.

Another thing you might want to consider is your basal insulin. Is it providing you with enough background insulin. When do take it?

I’ve done “revenge” bolusing as well and I mean really “vengeful” amounts and I’ve learned that it only makes things worse for me. Try and be gentle with yourself. It’s hard I know when things seem to take ages to work out - I was having a difficult time with finding the correct doses throughout most of last December, but it’s been a lot better since then.

already did (in my tummy)
ill test again in 20 min or something (i hope it would go down)
Thanks :slight_smile:

Stephen when you are insulin resistant you need 10 units instead of 1 to achieve the same even then it may not reduce any or at times a lot depends on God knows what. exercise helps a little.

i take 22 units of lantus at 9:00 pm (i try to take it on time)

Dear Sarah.

In a similar situation as you are. what is you total daily insulin intake and how much do you weight?