High Cholesteral!

I just had and endo appt. the other day, which everything seemed well. A1C is 5.9. Doc says if I wanted or happened to get pregnant it would be okay since my A1C has been so well, But my cholesteral is at 103 and should be under 100. She put me back on Simvastatin, which I was on months ago, took it for about a month and then quit because, it says not to take while pregnant, I was not and am not pregnant, but I do want children in my near future. Appointments after that one of being off the meds, My cholesteral was fine. I am still debating whether I should take this medication or try other natural options.

Thanks for listening


I would try the natural options first… Omega 3 capsules, fish oil capsules or flax seed capsules… that’s the avenue I’m going down… My LDL level was 102 at my last test… and it’s coming down further… these doctors should give their patients a chance to lower their own cholesterol before sticking them on expensive drugs that could cause more side effect harm than they’re helping… Go the natural way hon…