High Glucose readings connected with site change

About every 4th or 5th time I do a Site Change, my sugar readings will climb no matter what I do. Eventually when it reaches around 275 my pump will tell me check of occlusions and such. So far the only way I have been able to correct it is by doing another Site change. Only then does my blood sugar come down where its supposed to be. Is this a normal phenomena, or am I doing something wrong? Besides, it always messes up my total average reading. Does everyone experience this, or is it just me?

I have only been on the pump for over a month, but, on one site change this happened to me and it was because I forgot to prime and my educator said to always prime another 1.5 unit after I connect to make sure insulin is in the canula. I hope this helps!

I have been instructed to do a fixed prime of .3 units after connecting, but that didn’t help. I’m not sure what’s causing this. Its sort of frustrating though, because not only do I have to do two site changes in a row, but it causes me to use more of my pump supplies.

This has been happening alot to me lately. The only thing I can contribute it to is depth of the site. Sites that I’ve used before are now not working and I use the 6mm quickset. I’m trying a Sillouette right now and it seems to be working. But where does all that extra insulin go? It never affects my blood sugar.

What is the benefit of the Sure-T. I’m not familiar with that. And is there any way to make the Silhouette less painful?

So is this something that is caused by the quick set? I still have almost 3 boxes of the Quick Sets, but I’ve changed my Site twice in two days and I still can’t get my blood sugar under contro. When its right, my blood sugar stays between 98 and 140. right now its 273 and I haven’t done anything different. And yes, what is the Sure-T?

Sure T is a needle straight mine is 6mm I don’t know if they offer it in 9mm. Anyway it is such a nice small and thin needle you don’t really feel it like the plastic cannula. It can not get bent or blocked. If your sugar is high then it usually has to do with a mistake in correction or a poor absorption area. The very cool thing is you can put them anywhere easy cause it is just point and push in so where your hand can go so can the infusion set.

I love them.
Be well and be loved

I have changed my site every day for the last three days and my sugars continue to be high. I just now checked my BG after sleeping all night and nothing to eat yet, and its 229. I would think after moving the infusion set around 3 times in as many days, surely its gotta be something else. I gotta get my sugars back down. My insulin is good and clear like water and thin like water, so I would think its ok. When I prime the tubing before I install it the insulin flows nicely through it. Something’s weird.

I did some research last night and read that sometimes a box of sets is just bad. Maybe you should call medtronic and see about getting them replaced

I had a bottle of insulin one time that was clear and thin and everything it should be but it had gone bad. It was not out of date either. Just something not right with it. Maybe you should use a traditional injection of the same insulin and see if that brings it down. If it does you know it is not the insulin and if it does not, maybe you should try to a new bottle of insulin.

Hi Holly,
I’m new at this pump experience, so I wanted to ask: How do you know how much insulin to take in an injection if your BG is 355. I changed the set and the site again, took my BG, and did a correction, and it did 10.7 units to correct it. That was an hour ago, and my BG is down to 248 now. But that’s 4 new sets & and sites in 4 days. I put it on the inside of my thigh this time, which I have never done. I called Medtronics & they ran me through the traditional tests. I asked her about trying a different infusion set and she shipped me some samples of the Sure-t which she said I would get tomorrow. It has the stainless steel needle, so I shall try that. Right now it appears my sugars are coming down, but I haven’t eaten since breakfast. If it continues to come down where its supposed to be with the set on my thigh, then I would say the insulin is fine too. But 4 sets in 4 days to get me there–that’s just weird.

I hate to say it, but like everything else in diabetes care it is on an individual basis. You might need to contact your doc about a sliding scale for the injection. Or, if you had a sliding scale before you started pumping that will probably still work. I know I take 1 unit for every 50 over my desired BG. So if mine was 355 I would take 5 units of insulin via syringe. However, I can’t tell you what your scale would be. I’m sorry if this confused you more. I hope it helps, though. The best person to talk to is your doc. Good luck.