More variables for high BG's

I am having way more highs now that I am on the pump.
I think my BGs are more sensitive to stress.
This is really my first month on the pump and it’s coinciding with redoing our kitchen so I am not eating the best.

When do you know if the reason your BGs are high is because your infusion site didn’t go in properly (happened to me 3 times) or because of what you ate or because you were disconnected for too long

The variables are endless
frustrated :confused:

If I make a correction bolus and 1 -2 hours later I dont get enough of a change then I consider making a site change. But you have to take all things into consideration before you do that. I’ve only had to make a site change for that reason once or twice in the 10 years I have been on a pump.

Thanks Anngelia
but…really? only once or twice…
what am i doing wrong.
this morning’s high was due to yet another bent cannula. that is 4 times now.
I spoke with animas tech support and they had me send two of the bent ones back- thinking it may be a bad lot. I tossed the first one.
Now this fourth one.
As far as I can tell this isn’t an end user problem. I am very careful to ensure that it is fully cocked & loaded. I’ve watched videos to make sure I am doing it right… who knows maybe it is the end user problem.
All I know is I am wanting this to work

Maybe you are using the wrong kind of set. Try a new one, maybe it’ll work better for you. If you are using an angled set (inset 30) then try a 90 degree set like the inset 90, or viseversa. Or maybe even a steel needle set, that way you know it can’t be the site itself.

Good luck, and I hope you find something that works well for you!

I’ve only had a couple of sets bend, but I’ve only been on the pump for a few months. For me, it seems like which site I choose has been the biggest issue. All the sets I’ve had issues with have been placed on my left side. I’m left-handed, so I don’t know if it’s how I hold it or how my body moves when I go to insert it maybe? Any way, I haven’t had issues with any other area I’ve ever used. Have you tried different areas? Just a thought. Otherwise, I agree with Anngelia. If I eat and bolus and then have an abnormally high blood sugar, I generally bolus to correct and recheck in an hour or two. If that doesn’t help and I know for certain it wasn’t the food, then I assume it’s the set. Sometimes if my blood sugar is high, I will just change the set-but usually it’s because the site is sore and I doubt how well the insulin will infuse. Don’t know if this helps at all.
Don’t give up.

I would also consider the length of the cannula. If your leaner with a 9mm cannula, it would likely become bent because it is hitting your muscle. I have had the best results from the angled sets for this reason.

Have patience, it will get easier. I thought starting on a pump felt like I was being diagnosed all over again.

I was diagnosed this time last year. My latest A1c was 6.4 I felt in pretty good control - but I also knew that the A1c didn’t take into account the once or twice a week low balanced the erratic highs. But I had good consistent energy and I finally figured out how to eat :slight_smile: I am still really sensitive 1/2 units still have a great effect so, I know the pump will help really fine tune and keep me in range. That said this last month all the fears and feeling of a pig on roller skates is overwhelming me again.

THANKFULLY there is this community to keep my eyes on the prize.

I have been thinking of trying the angled sets.
Thanks again

Hi Jodi,
If you have a high blood sugars reading and you’re not sure why because you put in how many carbs you had and your blood sugars and gave the recommended dose then I would suggest that you put the high blood sugar into the pump, give what it says and then check in about 45 minutes or so (don’t eat anything leading up) to see if your blood sugars are going down. If they are, then the infusion site is probably fine… just check again in another hour or something. If your blood sugars are going up instead and you don’t think the site is working properly then give the insulin you’d need by syringe and change your site!
Hope this helps, and hope your blood sugars come down :slight_smile:


If I suspect a site problem causing a high BG, I inject my corrective bolus by syringe. If that brings down the high in a normal time frame, then I just change the site. How often are you doing site changes? I’ve found that mine last no more than 48 hours regardless of other people’s experience with much longer site life. My body is fairly lean and seems to build up a blockage around the cannula sometime between 48 and 72 hours after a site change. After that, absorption is diminished and sometimes there is evidence of the insulin bleeding back out of the insertion site. Too bad they don’t last longer, but my body really hates that little invader!

Thanks Tom
I have had much more success now that I have begun to use the IV3000 transparent covers. But also I found out I had a bad batch of sets - which is frustrating when still a N00b

I have found 4 days is my max which is a bit too long i think.

Hey Jodiiiii - I used to keep my infusion sets in for 5 days - with no complications with BG’s or discomfort in site - but then one person pointed out about the scarring effect - of leaving the infusion tubing in for so long - and causing possible absorption problems in the future. Since he advised me - and a few others had as well - I now religiously change my infusion set every 3 days. I’ve learned to just put the right amount of insulin in my cartridge (I average 90 units every 3 days) - and I seem to be doing alright.
Anna from Montreal -