Highs after pod change

I just started my son, who just turned 3 on and Omnipod. I have noticed for about 6-12 hours after pod change his BG is really high. Has anyone else experienced this?

Have had this with other infusion sets...
Some options...Can try a small bolus after insertion... (more than the normal fill)
Can try a small temp basal for 4-8 hours..Found this helps with tubed pumps...

10 to 20% added to the standard basal rate usually works for me (110% temp basal)

Thanks! I'll give that a try. I also considered giving a little bolus before I remove it. Since he's 3 and likes to play in the bathtub for a while, it can take some time between when I remove one pod and put back on the other!

I find the same thing...as do MANY pump users. I also find that Jake is correct, as I need to up my basal a good 20% on change days. I have a second basal in the PDM called "chnge day" and it ius 20% higher than my usual. I find that thia is a fine solution. Good luck, and PEACE.

I guess I'm wierd, as I've never seen this. Most who do bolus a unit give or take just before change. I do have insulin resistance, so my basal is around 2 units per hour, which could be a reason why it doesn't bother me. Seems that new sites sometimes have a slow absorbtion the first few hours.

Yes, we have. Ava's been on the pod now for 2 years. When we change the site, we try to do it at evening snack time so we can do a bolus right away because we know the numbers are going to be high. We sometimes tell it a higher number of carbs than she is eating and even with that it will still run a little high. Good luck!

Some people have done that too.

Hi, i think this is a more common occurance in children for some reason, we struggled to say the least over this for a while but resolved it with a small bolus pre change, good idea considering the bath, then we test after the change and bolus 1.5-5 units depending on his bs, with no food (jacob is 14 so he uses alot of insulin now a much smaller dose would probably work for your son) the temp basal did not consistently work, it seems the pump needs to be primed so to speak. i try to not have him eat an hour or so after the change, he ussually changes in the late afternoon this works best for us and him! best of luck! amy oh and lots of fluids help to, you probably knew that already though!

Well, we are due to change the pod tomorrow. I will try these strategies and report back! Its so nice to have someone other than the CDE to talk to!

Well, I switched last night and he woke up at 230 (compared to HIGH the previous time). His range is 100-200 so it was pretty good! The bolus strategy worked pretty well (I did a little before and a little after). I think it'll be even better next time as the bath/pod change was a little later than usual (which often happens when dad is around:).)

so glad it went better, seeing that HIGH is pretty scary! best wishes! amy