Highway driving and lows

I have been on insulin for only nine months and am still trying to figure things out. I have developed bad anxiety when I need to drive on a major highway at high speeds with the thought of having a low and then having an accident. I drive locally with no problem but have pretty much stopped driving far and fast. I never had this problem before the insulin and I need to get control of this. Does anyone have the same concerns or any suggestions to calm my anxieties.

Thanks for the advice about the fast acting sugar. Tried the advice about marrying rich and that hasn’t worked. You know how it goes, I married for love…haha. I have really improved with my fear of lows. I don’t know why I am so concerned, because I do know how they feel and I rarely get them. I always carry glucose with me just in case. I am trying real hard not to let diabetes shape my life. Thanks again!

The limo sounds like a good idea, lol. I always start to feel like I'm low when I'm at a stop light, most of the time I'm not though. I do get a little nervous when going on a highway because pulling over is problematic, so I keep glucose tabs in the console- an open juice pack or unwrapped glucose tabs ready to gobble is a good idea just in case and I always test before driving so I have some idea where I am.

I usually test also before I start to drive. I guess I just have to be prepared and hit the road with confidence. Got a gorgeous granddaughter about an hour away and I can’t let a little blood sugar fear get in the way of getting a big kiss and hug!

I sympathize with your concern ~ I think we have all worried at one time or another about going low while driving. The suggestion of always having a fast acting carb available is a good one (glucose tabs work well and keep practically forever) ~ I find the best thing to do is to always check my blood sugar before I drive and I do not drive if I am under 100.

Ginjan, since I have only been on insulin for nine months, I am still learning how my body reacts to it. Things change from day to day, but I am getting more settled with it. I do test before driving, but I keep it a little higher than 100; usually about 120. I used to keep it even higher around 150, when I first started until I felt mre familiar with things. As time goes on I will keeping trying lower readings and see how it goes. Thanks.

One of the things I do to stay safe while driving is keep LOTS of glucose tablets in my car, where I can easily reach them from the driver's seat, at all times. That way, the moment I have a glimmer of a low BG on the way I can grab a couple to boost me back up.

Thanks Emily, I am trying to take everyone’s advise to heart. I am really making a conscious effort to not let tnis take over my life. Doing better since I joined this support website. It’s amazing how knowing that others understand really makes you stronger and less scared.