Driving with Diabetes

Since I have had diabetes longer then I have been driving I usually dont have a problem with it. Although tonight I was in the middle of nowhere and frankly did not know where I was when all of a sudden I was lightheaded and sweating. There was no were to pull over so I was forced to drive and check my sugar at the same time (with the car light on) 59 but i am in the middle of nowere so I am searching in my purse and trying to keep my eyes on the road (while i am sweeting and lightheaded.) I can't find ANYTHING TO EAT! I usually carry Glugagon for these situations but i used it a couple weeks ago and did not put another one in my purse finally I remember my mom put so stuff in my glovebox. So I reach over and get some glucose tablets GREAT THERE IS ONLY 2! So I am chewing as fast as I can but still nothing and now i am starting to shake. I know I am droping fast but I dont even know where I am. So I get my phone to call for help. Then I see a COP! But trying to flag him down is worse. I blare my horn and flash my light and put on my 4ways finally he gets the clue. I pull over and he walks to my window. He thinks I am drunk. I show him my medicalert and try to explane that i am low. He tells me to hold on while he goes to his car and brings back some candy. After eating a whole king size twix I think him and ask him how to get back to a major high so I can get some food. He tells me. and I can not think him enough. I know if it had not been for my gradian angel I could have gotten into a accident or passed out (or both).

I think this is the first time I have EVER BEEN GLAD TO BE PULLED OVER!

Glad to hear that evertything worked out ok. This is one of the few times you can say, and really mean, thank god for cops.

Seriously scary!!!
Here in the UK I have t have my licence reviewed every 3 years because I am on insulin, is it similar in the elsewhere?

I’m glad he finally saw you and had something for you! Wow! That was too close for comfort. Try to make some kind of reminder for yourself to get new goodies in your purse. sigh… with 6 kids and a purse that acts like a diaper bag… I’ve always got nuts and candy available:) hmmm wonder if I will be able to remember when I no longer need such a huge “bag”? Anyway, I’m glad your angel was watching out for you!
p.s. is your hubby home now? mine is Air Force Reserves,activated,thankfully still home:)

hi Emily- I got your message about being from Houston. Scary stuff about driving and dropping so low!! I try to remember to have a full thing of glucose tablets in my purse (that doesn’t always work though).

Hi Emily-
Just checking in on you.
The driving blog caught my eye since about a year ago I had low blood sugar while driving to work. Drove right past my office into the country. When I got behind a tractor and passed some grain silos, the small rational piece of my brain kicked into gear.
I can’t remember if I had anything to eat or not. I just remember thinking I really have no idea where I am. There’s no place to pull over. Where are the tall buildings? Need to head toward the tall buildings.
Somehow I got to work, parked the car and made it to the cafateria for some OJ.
I’m very very grateful that’s only happened once.
My hubby is good about keeping my purse stocked with the glucose tabs.