Hitting Veins site change

I went on vacation for about 3 days to Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto. The night before I had to change my infusionset as my bloodsugar was rising unusually fast. My cgm confirmed that. So I changed the inset. In the morning after breakfast it still looked like it wasn’t working. It was a hard day on my first day of my vacation. I must have changed the site four times that day because my inset was in a vein. I have lost some weight so I wonder if that has something to do with hitting so many veins. Yesterday after supper was the same thing. I figured that there was a problem as all my aftermeal blood sugars were on the high side. What do you do in order to avoid veins? I was using my leg. I have been trying to avoid my stomach for a little while.

To avoid veins? For me, it’s as simple as luck. I’m almost always lucky. Seriously, I see no method that one can use to prevent it from happening.
With regards to bleeders using the G5, in almost 2 years, I’ve had no more than 3. I change the sensor every 7 days so that’s quite a few sensors in that time. I chalk it up to luck.
With respect to infusion sets, I use steel sets and almost never have bleeders (the kind where blood backflows up the tubing.

I just ordered some of the Sure T manual insertion infusion sets. Can you reinsert them if the site is in a vein?

Yes, just pull it out and reinsert elsewhere. You may need to apply some additional over tape however.

Yes, I did that yesterday. Not because I knew I hit anything but because my bg’s weren’t coming down after repeated boluses. All that is needed is something such as an IV3000 to secure the set in its new location.

That is great. I hope I don’t develop an allergy to these insets. I don’t have any allergy to anything so hopefully my chances will be good.

My site that I have been wearing for the past 2 days worked it’s way into a vein again so I used the Sure T inset today. Right now I am just waiting for my sugar to come down from the mishap.

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My dexcom woke me up last night. I was a little high so I did a correction twice and my sugar didn’t go down. I had to move the site to the surrounding area as it was in a vein. The Tsure insets make an emergency like that in the night much easier to deal with. All I did was clean the needle with alcohol and plug it in a nearby area of the tubing port.

I don’t clean the Sure-T needle if I’m going to move it because I don’t want the needle to possible snag the fibers of the swab and have that go in to me. IMO, best practice is to just wipe the skin with alcohol where u are going to install the set and be careful that the needle doesn’t touch anything during the move.