Hi ppl!!!
So ■■■ some of u guys know im new here!
and i think this is a really cool site so ya im going to tell u a little bit about myself.

-Well Im Future Mrs.Jonas ( Nick Is My Husband) :stuck_out_tongue: so if u dont know who he is watch this video on youtube:

>-I have type one diabetes

  • I LOVE The Jonas Brothers :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I Have A Youtube Account nd its called “Niceese”
    -I might get a pump but im not really sure i want to,so plz leave a comment about how pumps work and if there worth it :slight_smile:
    Reese,Aka Mrs.Jonas.

Welcome Reese. I am on the Minimed 722 and love it. It gives me more freedom and I have much better control since I started it. I will never go back to shots after it. I recommend reading Pumping Insulin by John Walsh before you get a pump. Research all the different pumps and decide which is best for you.

Welcome Reese! Glad that you are here! Yes, there is lots of info about pumps on this site and lots of pumpers too! Check out old discussions about the pump, you can click on “Forum” then search all old discussions!