"Hold off insulin for better sex"?

I just read this article about Type 1 Diabetic Bret Michaels who says he holds off on insulin before sex because it gives him the “stamina of a bull”. Hmm…I know I’m a newbie, but if my sugar goes up to 200 I feel really sleepy and definitely no stamina. Do you think he means because it makes you wanna work harder to burn off glucose, like holding off on insulin before any other kind of exercise?

What do the Type 1’s think?


Wow, too bad he’s spouting off completely ridiculous and unhealthy ideas. Talk about BULL!!

For me when I’m over 200 or under 80 or so, the stuff just dosen’t work quite right!

I am thinking that it’s more a matter of him being afraid to go low while he’s getting busy.

You are probably right Elaine! That sounds very plausible!

It’s hard to type when you’re laughing this hard.

I think Bret Michaels damaged his brain while partying in the 80s, yeesh! If my sugars are 200 the last thing I want to do is get frisky, I feel headachy and not sexy. I will say that if I am below 90 I will eat 10g of carb before getting frisky because going low will kill any mood you had. There is nothing sexy about popping glucose tabs during the act, hahaha! So maybe that is what he meant to communicate, he just didn’t communicate it well

I laughed so hard, I spit jello on my laptop. That is the biggest crock of diddly I’ve ever read!

Geez…this guy has an ego issue.

okay, I have a 2 part comment. First, most quotes are taken out of context and irrelevant. Second, HYPO makes most men impotent, and/or sometimes numb. I will not try to have sex if I am below 75 md/dl, or if I am 80+ but have a huge amount of IOB. I can correct for both a 75- or IOB by eating fast acting carbs. sugar above the 200 mark makes me a little tired.

After watching all three seasons of “Rock of Love” (why yes, I am ashamed of that!) I can honestly say that ol’ Brett is made entirely of stupid. Just…entirely.

I always feel sleepy when I go up too high, too. Oh and cranky and droopy. But hey, maybe a small percentage of diabetics experience that - who knows! :slight_smile:

as you can see brett isn’t the best spokesman. He aint no mary taylor moore, maybe more along the lines of halli barry. I use all these names loosely! There all crazy diabetics.

My glucose level doesn’t affect my stamina or my libido unless it’s under 50 or above 300. Otherwise, I’m good to go!
However, I would NEVER skip an injection. NEVER. This is a stupid idea and very risky.

Please don’t anyone try this. Talk about risk of heart attack.

I do not know about “better sex,” but as Joe wrote, low BS results in impotence. Whenever I know that sex is in the cards, I eat more and/or take less insulin.


I care what Bret Michaels says because . . . ?


he thinks he’s omnipotent and he wants us to worship him :slight_smile:

He’s an idiot…it’s amazing he has sex!

Oh, never mind…he has sex with other idiots!

So you saw Rock of Love, too? :wink: