"Hold off insulin for better sex"?

Toss another coin in the can for not having a TV. I don’t even know who Bret Michaels is…and I’m glad I don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Sex does make my BG drop, so I’ll usually disconnect my pump, unless my BG are running a little higher.

Ha yes…I watched a few…so very funny. He is so out of date…it makes me laugh and the girls…well let’s just say if my daughter’s were like them I would lock them away!


Mom told me she’d have me committed if she saw me on any of those shows like that

I agree with all of you, but before saying anything (Since I don’t know who is Bret) I just Googled him. No matter what he had said but I believe he have a large influent on many people with D. Since he was Dx at the age of 6 and now he is in the 40s. He have this poster and a not bad quotes, check this myspace page for a Diabetic fan.

He have a section for Diabetes on his page

Am not like defending him or agree with what he said, but I do respect him! Let us give him a break! ;o)

Adding to what I said, he have the same info on a shirt for $26 If you are interested in buying! :wink:

That is cool, thanks for the support. Who is MTM?

I lost you here!!! Got to know MTM, but who is the 12 year old T1 BOY! ;o)

lol! Actually I only laugh because I know exactly what you mean…

Also, if I have a low during the day it effects me well into the next day. Apparently running low messes up the protein used to make nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide? We love it when you talk dirty!

Well, depends on how much energy he expends, LOL. There are certain exercises (swimming) where we will bring my niece up to 200 before entering the water and disconnect her pump. She will still drop about 100 points an hour and usually will be 80 at the end of the hour (not laps, just farting around). Laps, we would have to check every half hour. And Bret Michaels is on MDI, I think… So I don’t think bring BS up to 200 before is out of line, just that stupid comment about “endangering his life”… he is doing no such thing!

the words bret michael, sex, and diabetes should never be in a sentence ever again! LOL

What are you talking about? Who on this planet knows more about sex and diabetes then Bret Michaels? :-p

Me? :slight_smile:

Well if you know so much - Share!

If My Blood Sugar is that high all I do is feel like hell, and want to be left alone! What an ■■■!

hold off on a shot? what, does he eat a meal right before having sex? that’s not so hot either IMO.

I take my Insulin at dinner time, but have hit a mighty low as mighty high was happening, and nothing like saying oh NO!