Men versus Women

I think I might of brought this up before, but I feel that men can handle diabetes much better when it comes to reacting or not reacting to a high or low bloodsugar reading.

I get so upset with my not normal readings and I feel like men just correct it and move on.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.


On the more serious side I just get totally depressed these days since most of the readings are not in the normal range not super high but 180 just cant get many below 110. Used to like it when 50% of the readings were in the normal range. I do not want to up the insulin dosage as I may gain even more weight. Being a man I sit calmly waiting for death. Might be a long wait.

Are you sure Danny??!! and what was your reply? and did I fight back?? :slight_smile:


I used to think the same, but as I get older, I do not think so. My lows have been so bad in the last six months I just sit and cry when i get back to normal. Now that is manly. I think what is going on is that as I get older I get more emotional and that emotion just comes out after a low.


LOL I get upset, correct it and then try to analyze it. Hahaha
How in the heck did that happen!?!

Well i start obsessing about my sons, and how rotten things are. I have always been emotional, however i used ot angry at my lows. now I cry after them. If someone gave me a hammer, I would likely hit myself and cry about it.


Anthony , my country man , almost my province man , ha, ha …reading this worries me; you being depressed because off…and I must admit …have seen fewer comments from YOU …probably a silly question : can you exercise a bit more instead of doing the insulin thing ?? The death comment did me in .

Today’s numbers were like the St. Louis Arch for me . . . and emotions kind of went along for the ride.

5:30 am this morning, woke up with a 107. “Great”! And he smiles.

Busy morning

8:44 am, now at 196, and without any breakfast yet!?!?!?“
Grrrr”, he snarls as he takes a correction bolus.

9:12 Now at 209. What?!"!"! Then remembered getting off the bed while getting dressed, and forgetting to pick up the pump. “I’m such an idiot”, he thinks as he stares at the pump dangling from the infusion site, spinning wildly. “It’s mocking me”, he says out loud.

Changed site. Another correction bolus. Definitely perturbed now …

The day progresses. Gratefully, each subsequent check is lower than the last. “Making progress”, he thinks, but not in the “happy zone” quite yet.

Had a light lunch

4:25 Now at 133. “Comforting”, he thinks.

6:35 Sitting at 122. On the road to happyville, and feeling hungry. Carb bolus, and prepared dinner.

8:41 At 92. “Gotta get better at counting carbs!” he thinks, realizing he under-ate. Or rather miscounted . . . again!
Ate candy of 9 carbs exactly. “Can I trust the wrapper”?

“I’ll get better at this”, he says, trying to encourage himself. And he smiles . . . :slight_smile:

I ain’t touching this one !!!

I walked the Dog to death today 5 km. Cannot loose weight stuck at 250 lb not more or less by more that 2 lb. Exercise and trying to control food help a bit because I would be 500 lb or dead (at around 265 lb) whichever comes first. To get the insulin resistance down and loost 20 lb would be good but I am too afraid to go on a diet very time I do I loose 10 lb I promptly regain 20 lb. Very depressed over this state of weight.

The Holko sauerkraut only diet is comming to town. The theory is based on if you eat not yummy food you will not get fat.

I learnt this from my freiend Dr. Cox whos replied when if asked him why are we so fat, he said : If we ate leaves we would not be fat. Also from observing the dog. He has a full bowl of disgusting dog food. He will eat only a small amount at a time.

But we were eating pork filet together. He understands the concept of fork. So one slice me, three slices him till we finished it. Well he was ready to do it again until I told him "Beat it ". Like humans if it is good the animal will eat till it bursts but not when eating crap.

Haha, I’m a really bad “revenge boluser” as well. XD

I think it might be more a matter of being prone to depression or not, or being a perfectionist or not. It’s true though, that men want to fix a problem and women want to think about it and discuss it and worry how it might effect everyone around them.

lol, Debb. I know a lot of men that act like little boys once they get sick with the slightest case of sniffles. The sky is falling, it’s the end of the world, and all they want is soup.

I don’t think I get as upset as I used to about funky blood sugars. At this point in my diabetic life, I just get annoyed and want to know how to keep it from happening again. I look at a crummy reading, frown, and fix it. Later I try to figure out where I went wrong. I just get annoyed because I know I’m doing everything I can and still have numbers that look like a ping pong game when I see them charted out. Of course I feel better when I see a great number, but I don’t think there’s much point in me getting too upset when I’m busting my butt to take care of myself. I just fix the syptom and keep trying to find the source.

Yesterday, I could not get my BG into the normal range in spite of injecting a lot of insulin. so today I was mad and said I would not eat till in came down into the normal range. Felt a bit weak on my 3 mile walk with dog but it did come down to the higher end of normal. Sounds suicidal but it worked dont know how else to cope with massive resistance. next time I will bring some glucose tablets along in case this stubborness leads to a low.

Danny, they shut our old group down today. :frowning:

Kind of sad is it not?


I normally just correct the occasional high or low and get on with Life. If I can identify the cause for the high or low, I make a mental note of the reason, to try to avoid the incident again. One thing that miffs me is a longer than normal high(I guess I have a Phobia). In 2006, I had a 3 day high. Shock/Mad!! 8X It took that long to get it down where normally I get it down within 3 hours.