Holy Cow! NEW OMNI POD RECORD! I JUST had 11 pods error during priming IN A ROW!

After number 2 I called omnipod support. From that point we had 9 more error while on the phone with support! A total 2200 units of insulin down the drain! I asked the support rep what the record was and she told me that this was DEFINITELY THE RECORD! Anyone else ever see anything like this happen?? What’s your record?? These are the new pods. Up until this time I have never had anything like this happen, I’m really frustrated with the situation and all the lost pods and insulin…

Omnipod said they would replace the pods, said I could apply for insulin reimbursement… This is crazy
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Oh gosh, the new pods???!!! Silly question but why didn’t you back out the insulin or can you not do that on the new ones???

My record is only about 3, you win!

holy s***!!! unbelievable

do you have a trick for doing this? I’m only ever able to get about 1/4 of the insulin back out

I find that it helps to remove the canula cap as that lets air fill the void in the insulin chamberand you aren't pulling against a vacuum. I usually get ~150 of the 200 back out sometimes a little more. Holding the pod so the fill site is pointing down and the canula up also helps to pool that last little bit of insulin.
Take apart a pod and see how it is built and this might make more sense.

11 would be a disaster when travelling as I generally don't take that many spares. I do take a pen and needles in case I have to go the manual route though.

What was the Lot number and Manufacture date on these..so we can keep an eye out and track it

O.o don’t waste your money on a lotto ticket today!!

Holy Cow indeed - it doesn't sound as though you recovered the insulin from one pod and attempted to put it in the next ? That is what I had to do when my pod occluded after less than 24 hours. I managed to get 100 units out of the used pod and I had only put in 125 to begin with.

Yikes. I can only get a box at a time so this would have been a real pain for me. Let us know how the insulin reimbursement goes!

I just had that happen today…pod failure while priming. Doesn’t happen to me very often. I could only get about half the insulin out! THAT ticks me off more than the failed pods

I've used pods for about 1 year now and never saw a priming failure... until a week ago. Two failed in a row. These were the older pods. When they error, they do seem to go together.

My lot of pods was manufactured in 3/2013....wondering what date the 11 bad ones were...

My lot of pods was also manufactured in 3/13.

So I had more issues with the older pods failing after priming. But I’ve found a couple of things that help to prevent this. Your insulin must be at room temperature. If it is too cold, I have failures.

In using the new pods, I remember reading that it must touch the PDM while it primes. Not sure if that can affect it.

That was my initial thought as well, however insulet customer care asked that I not do that as they wanted to inspect the pods to improve them in the future.

I know!

Lot # 40365
Manuf date 05/2013

I get two at a time… Still stinks!