HOLY MOTHER OF MERCY!- is it the Lantus that makes this sting!?!?!?

Ok- someone please tell me I am not losing my mind. Everytime I do my Lantus shot, it HURTS!!! Like stomping my foot on the floor and swearing, Hurts. Is it the Lantus that does this, or am I truly going crazy?

Lantus will sting like heck if it’s cold or even just chilled a bit…when I used it I would hold the pen (or vial) for a minute or so to make sure it wasn’t chilly. That was for when it had been left out, not fridged. I used to compare it to acid being injected it would sting so much and have read since that it has an acidic pH.

Yes, Lantus stings. It’s acidic & hurts. You’re not crazy:)l. Warming it up by holding the vial in your hands is said to help, but it didn’t make much difference to me.

I hated Lantus because of this & also because it caused lows for me at any dose. I found Lantus to be unstable with peaks & valleys. I changed to Levemir. No stinging, much more level & Levemir also has the advantage of lasting 6 weeks compared to Lantus which expires in 28 days.

It used to sting for me too- I wondered if it was the optipen design that was part of the problem, as to my mind it used to put the lantus in too quickly.

I tried to convince my mom that it hurt like crazy when I was doing Lantus! The doctor said there might be minor pain… but it’s more. She recommended numbing the area with an ice cube, definitely doing it in an area that is more fatty and letting the insulin warm up to room tempurature- draw it up and let it sit out for about 15 minutes or so. You’ re not going crazy!

Well, I should have asked sooner. I’m taking the Lantus straight out of the fridge! That explains a few things! Thanks guys!!!

lantus is acidic?
what is its pH ?

I know someone have already mentioned it,but just in case.
it hurts sometimes.
1-maybe because the dose is relatively high compared to the aspart.
2-you definitely should warm it up before using for at least 30 minutes.
3-choose fatty places,I used to roll in pain before,but found out that I was injecting in the wrong side of the thigh (upfront).
4-tell your doctor,maybe allergic reaction.