Home again

I'm home sick again. I've been sick since my last blog post I think it's been about 2 weeks...

My low problem has been better. My dr. changed my basal rate by .05 and its made a huge difference. Thanks for all of your inputs though :).

My dr. at the last visit also recommended that I get a CGMS. I had the seven plus about three or four years ago and I really didn't like it. Not because its bad, but all the beeping etc. drove me crazy. Also, I have an Omnipod so in my purse I'm currently carrying my PDM, my cell phone, my work cell phone and now another device for the CGMS?? I dont know maybe I just need to complain about it to get it out of my system and then I'll get it and love it but right now it seems like just another thing that people will hear beeping and stare at me....haha

What are all of your experiences? I am much more serious now about my diabetes care so I think it will be better this time around but I am hesitant to do it since I had a negative experience last time. what do you think???

I agree the beeping on the CGM is tedious. I have a MM CGM which puts two gizmos in one unit. I still have to lug a meter around but that's it. And a cell phone, but I only have one!

It can be set to vibrate but if you "ignore" alerts, it escalates to beeping more and more alarmingly, sort of like R2D2? As annoying as it can be, particularly when "things change" for whatever reason, I still like the CGM a lot and have improved my numbers a bit since I started using it about 2 years ago.

The beeping is annoying when it is time to calibrate; but as Acid says, the bonus of knowing where you blood goucoses is headed is worth it. And other people do notice it sometimes.. I just tell them it is a CGMS notification and that I am fine..They believe me because I believe me, that I am fine and fabulous and that diabetes does not define me nor negatively diffrentiate me.. A mindset change is in order for you dear...

Also read the books "

Pumping insulin

" and think like a pancreas. There is a lot to learn about pumping and using insulin. Take baby steps. You really do not need to have the doctor change your basal rate once you figure it out, yourself, by trial and error and plenty of testing.But only YOU will know when you are ready to do that.

And if they stare at you, so what.? I figure if poeple stare at me , they must like what they see and if they don't, since I am doing nothing offensive,.. Then that is THEIR problem. Am I overconfident? NAAH. Just too blessed to be stressed.

God bless,Brunetta

God bless,

Thanks for the advice. I did order a CGMS and am waiting on it to get approved...does anyone use the freestyle??

I started my CGMS in February, and since my last Endo visit I've had to change ISF, I:C Ratios, and Basal Rates. I was going low all the time! The first week with my Dex was pretty bad, but since the adjustments things are going really well. Finger sticks and the CGMS confirm my changes. It has been a good experience overall, looking back at it.