Honeymoon period question

Hi, I’m fairly new to diabetes, was diagnosed four weeks ago T1. I was told that I’m in my honeymoon period and that my insulin levels would change. Well today before lunch I was rushing around and ate on the go and forgot to take my shot. I didn’t remember until when I went to test. Well my bs was 126 two hours after eating and I had taco bell. Is it possible during the honeymoon period to produce insulin? I did take 30 units of lantus this morning. Was this enough to cover lunch? I’m just confused…


My son was diagnosed in Jan 07 at the age of 3. His TDD when he came home from the hospital at diagnosis was about 15 units. Within weeks he could eat dinner without the shot of Novolog he had been getting and just weeks after that was down to one shot a day of NPH and Novolog combined for a TDD of less than 2 units.

I think what you are suggesting is entirely possible.

Also, as your BGs have gotten into range your insulin resistance has likely decreased thus resulting in less insulin needed overall.

I can still remember my Honeymoon Phase it lasted about 2 weeks where I didn’t need any insulin at all…that was 32 years ago when I was 12. But the Dr did warn me that this would happen… & NOT to thik that I was cured

I was diagnosed 8 weeks ago, and until recently I needed practically no insulin with my meals. I take 10 of the lantus, and I have been taking 2 of the novalog with each meal. I don’t come down into range as easily after a meal anymore though, particularly after dinner, so I take an additional unit with dinner, and most nights I still have a correction bolus later. Did you have a C-peptide run? that will tell you how much insulin you’re actually still producing.

My endo told me that my honeymoon could last another week, or it could last another year there was no real predictor on how long I would continue to produce any of my own insulin. I do notice that my numbers are creeping up, and where once I was hitting a low at least every day, now I really don’t have lows anymore. My morning numbers are up over 100 now, where even 3 weeks ago they were in the 80’s. As I start to see significant changes, I just call in my readings and my endo slightly adjusts things.

My first reaction to the honeymoon period was that i thought maybe there was some chance that they were wrong, some freak incident put me into DKA but that i was okay now. Totally wasn’t true, but it was a nice thought for a minute there :slight_smile: Just keep track of your numbers and good luck.

It could also be that your lantus dose is too high and you’re “feeding the insulin” throughout the day with what you’re eating, rather than relying completely on boluses to cover it.

30u is a LOT of lantus… I take just over half of that myself, my TDD is around 35u per day, and I’m definitely not honeymooning anymore…

Omg! I so had the exact same thought! Some freak accident put me into dka and that they were wrong… As for the amount of lantus, that’s what they had me on in the hospital and I was told to continue that until my endo appointment. My c peptide in the hospital said I wasn’t producing any insulin at all but is it possible to start producing again?


there must be something in the air. i was thinking that i had been mistakenly dx when i was dka @ 1300bg 3 months ago. lol so i even did a little “experiment” on monday. i didn’t fool with my basal=lantus. but i didn’t bolus with my humalog all day. they just made a misdiagnosis right? right? i’ll be fine. there is NO WAY i could be a t1 at age 44. i don’t need to do this insulin foolishness at every meal. well when it shot up to 467 by 3 o’clock in the afternoon i was convinced. i have been dealing with the consequences of my idiocy for the past 2 days. god what a doofus i am! =^(

I’m don’t really know if it’s true but here’s what I was told… when you make it to dka, the beta cells that are left have been so overworked that they basically go into shock and stop producing insulin. when your numbers come down from being high all the time, they recover enough to give it a last ditch effort, thus your honeymoon period. Again, I don’t know if that’s what really happens, but that’s what I was told. I didn’t have a c-peptide run while I was in the hospital, mine was from 3 weeks after I was discharged, so I don’t know if there was a change. But i do know that my endo plans on doing another one at the end of this month so it will be interesting to see if it’s changed

When the antibody test came back positive for the GAD65 it was like being diagnosed all over again, until then I was SURE that they made a mistake, it was just stress that made my pancreas stop… I had a thousand reasons why I wasn’t actually diabetic, that it was just a phase… ugh wouldn’t it be nice if that was true???

And another thing, initially I was on 35 of lantus a day and like 10 of novalog with each meal, and that dropped dramatically. I started having intense lows after every single meal, so just watch and make sure that you don’t do that, cause that really sucks. My endo told me that even though I’m still producing some insulin of my own, if I add in some, it won’t strain the cells, and it will help preserve the cells from burn out. Not that they don’t die eventually, but no need to stress them out.

Hi Elizabeth,

Welcome! Great that you found us so soon after being diagnosed. Ask whatever you need to know because there are wonderful & experienced people here to help.

No one can say how long the honeymoon phase will last. It’s a very individualized thing, as is everything with diabetes. Some believe if you have good BG control, the honeymoon period can last quite a while.

The 30 units of Lantus could have helped with keeping your BG from going too high, but don’t relie on this:) Keep good records of how many carbs per meal, your doses & your readings. It’s the only way for your doctor to fine-tune your insulin.

Check out Jenny’s blog & book http://www.bloodsugar101.com.

Thanks everyone for your responses and inputs. I’m just gonna have to keep great records and have to get my endo to fine tune things. I just hope things get easier as time goes by. It’s just really confusing and frustrating. I already hate this disease!


Really is confusing. I was in tears frequently from frustration & confusion. Felt like I’d never get it. Promise that it will get much easier. We’re all here for you, so just ask away.

You are NOT at all a doofus. I hate to admit that I have had days where I have forgotten to bolus at a meal (lunch…normally) and I have shot up to the high 300s. I’ve been T1 for 37 years. I have NO excuses, but life happens and I know what you mean about dealing with the consequences for a few days. Don’t beat yourself up over it!

HI Elizabeth,

I have been on a honeymoon period for 1 year and 1 week, not that i am counting :slight_smile: ! i am on only 4 units of lantus. i am pretty new to this diabetes life and all i can say is keep checking your blood and keep asking questions.

All the very best.