I'm confused yet again

Okay so today I haven’t taken ANY insulin at all. I woke up this morning, tested 120, yay!!! Ate breakfast, I forgot to take my lantus and cover breakfast, but when I remembered I tested and 140. This was two hours later. I tested before lunch still 140, thought that was weird, ate lunch didn’t cover, just to see, now two hours later I’m just 160. I probably should correct but it’s just weird! Maybe I am producing some insulin though my endo said I wasn’t. Can I start and stop just whenever?

Thanks for any thoughts!

I’m not sure when you were diagnosed but you will have a “honeymoon” stage. The islets you have left will work from one week up to 6 months…but your body will kill off those last islets. Another thing that can effect your BG is did you do any different exercise or activity that rose your adrenaline last night or early this A.M. It’s called a delayed low…can be delayed up to a half a day…just a few thoughts

Yes, Elizabeth, you are honeymooning!

Not as fun as a real honeymoon, but once your body recovered after diagnosis, you are still producing some insulin. That will decrease over time. But you may find your need less insulin for a while, then more later.

You should correct the 160 as usual. If you skipped the Lantus dose, then be sure to check often! Did you have any Lantus injection in the last 24 hours?

I was diagnosed a month and a week ago… Not that I’m counting… But I was told that I wasn’t producing any insulin at all. I did have somewhat of a stressful day yesterday, I met with my psychologist to talk about things that I’ve been going through since my diagnosis. Maybe that gave me a delayed low?


Your endo probably meant that your body will no longer produce insulin. It’s like stopping anything… smokers will inevitably steal a few cigarettes and try to quit a few times before they actually stop.
Not to burst your bubble… but …
While it might seem good now, the honeymoon period is just something to get through - the best way is to consistently take your insulin and watch for low sugars - your body needs to get used to the fact that you are getting your insulin elsewhere.

Definitely look up Honeymoon in the forum. Lots of discussion about this. If you were seeing a decent endo, they should have told you about this “feature” of newly diagnosed Type 1. Taking some insulin will help give your poor beaten up pancreas a rest. =) You probably had no insulin production when you were first diagnosed.

Elizabeth, were you diagnosed in 2007 or 2009? Did You mean diagnosed as a Type one in 2009, though treated as a type 2 in 2007? It is not clear from your comments on your separate threads… You may or may not be still honeymooning… I take it you did not have a blood lowering effect from pills when you had the initial 2007 diagnosis. A couple of questions/choices, Hope they aid you and do not add to your confusion:What would happen if you exercised to correct the 160? What would happen if you corrected the 160 with insulin?
God Bless,

I was diagnosed in 2009 this past June. I was told that I was type 2 because of my age. Then the tests came back and I was indeed type 1 which is why the pills that they gave me in the hospital weren’t working. I was immediately started on insulin and have been ever since. I normally would correct my high with a unit of novolin but I didn’t and will see where I am at with dinner. Hope this helps clear up things…