How did you all know when your honeymoon was over. I was sure my son (diagnosed type 1 10 1/2 months ago ) was done, but his endocrinologist says not yet. He is 12, 5’10" and weighs 161. He takes 24 units of lantus per day, and about 20-25 units of humalog per day depending on his meals. She is going to let us start procedures to get on the pump even so.

Wish I could help you here, but I have the same question. Since my diagnosis in the middle of December I’ve gone from nearly 50U a day of insulin (lantus & novolog) to a whopping total of 5U of lantus. I am curious about the honeymoon as well, because there are days where I am a little high and days where I am a little low. Kind of seems as though my pancreas is kicking out an unstable amount of insulin now and then. Again, I’m no expert but the amount of insulin your son is on seems as though it isn’t the honeymoon, but I’m no endo!

I agree, He has also gone from an a1c of 6.0 to 7.3 this time… so we are losing the relative stability that bit of pancreas was providing. I’m hoping the pump will restore some nice middle of the road blood sugars.

I got my pump last november, but according to my endo my pancreas is still running at 50%, so we’re just hoping to keep it that way for a long time with the pump

i’m only taking 20-30 units a day right now, and most of that depends how much i pig out.