When you were diagnosed, how long did your “honeymoon” phase last, if you had one? I’m still in mine since I was only diagnosed a couple of months ago.

2 years.

About 5-6 months.

Mine was almost 18 months… how long you have some beta cell function remaining varies for everyone - some people may not even have a honeymoon at all.

Not long…about a month. It was quite forgettable. I just went low all the time.

Mom said - as I was a young child - 8 months

About 3 months…

i never had the luck to have the honeymoon .

I’m still in mine but I think it’s ending soon, it’s been 7 months for me.

My doc said it was while I was on tablets, but lets say at least year and a half, and I still have some insuline left (0,5 from 1,27) so I think its honey moon until its gone completely :wink:

Still in mine, was diagnosed about 8 months ago. Am wondering when it will end…

Mine lasted for several years. I was in training for several marathons and I think the physical activity held things off. But, when my pancreas started to go south, it went in a hurry. I went from oral meds, to lantus, to MDIs, to a pump in less than 6 months. My last A1C was 6.

2-3 weeks

Still honeymooning, it’s been about 5 months since I was diagnosed… I am T1 and just turned 28.

I hope mine lasts at at least a year or more

Still mostly going after 10 months, though there is some noticeable recent decline, especially vis a vis fasting blood sugars.

Barely had one, because I was diagnosed very late. It lasted two months tops and never reduced my dosage very much.

about 4 months. I thought, hey this inst so bad, pass the fruit loops. Oh those were the days.

rick phillips

i was diagnosed almost 4 months ago.
i dont think i’m in the honeymoon phase anymore since my BG has been higher for a while now
so i think mine lasted about a month?

What is “honeymoon” phase? I was diagnosed at 14 and was immediately put on insulin shots.