Hope and prayers needed

So, after talking with my therapist today, I am tenatively going to go back into residential treatment for the diabulimia at the beginning on January.

Please pray that my insurance will cover this and that I can keep fighting as hard as I can until then...I'm not giving up the fight. It's giving me some hope that I can beat this.

You will beat it. You are stronger than you know sweetheart. Really. xo

I'm going to guess you're covered. This is necessary. I'm very proud of you and the efforts you are making to get in front of this. It shows an enormous amount of strength and a great deal of wisdom. There's no doubt about it, your situation is very complicated. It is hard work but it is worth it. This is good movement forward. This is one of the victories you get to take credit for. Keep on keepin' on.

Yes, I will pray ...I am on your side and want you to " survive " and " fight " the demon .Hugs

Hoping your insurance will cover it. Fight the denial, if they don't. I can tell you have the strength in you to beat this. Yes you can, yes you can. 2011 will be your year. Keep us posted.

I will be thinking of you and hoping that you get the treatment you need. I want you to have a long and healthy life, diabetes be d****d.

Michelle, you can beat this, I will keep you in my prayers.

You'll do great in the treatment!

I know you can do this Michelle. please keep in touch.

Great news! Really happy you are going for the help you need. keep us posted

A very sound decision. Get well soon!

I imagine that you feel a big load off your shoulders. Work the program and give yourself a chance to live well and happy in the New Year. Try to remember, that well and happy is different for each of us. Good luck, stay strong and listen to your pain. jax

You can do this.. you are making the right decision.. hope and prayers your way

Michelle, you have made the right decision. My prayers and best wishes are with you to achieve success.

Hi Michelle. You don’t likely know me but I can only respect and admire the people I meet at tuD who are fighting to stay alive and even harder to keep well. Please take all the help you can get and get all the help you can take. You’re young and stronger than you think AND you have a pile of support here… even from people you don’t know! So take comfort in the knowledge that people here care about you and want you to succeed more than you know!