Hoping to bring down morning highs

I called my Endo’s office this morning because for the last two months my bg numbers have been in the 200’s consistently and then drop off into my target range until the early morning around 3 am. Then they’re on their way up. I now have four basal settings Starting at 3 am to12 pm my basals went up by .2 u/hr. I drop back by .1u/hr from the previous basal setting from 12 pm until 9 pm and then from 9pm to 12 midnight where I drop .5 u/hr. The big increase is in the 3 am to 12 pm basals. It seems a bit confusing but once you program these settings a few times you get the hang of it. I also am going on a golf vacation in SC in two weeks and so I asked about how to handle the added exercise and insulin I might not need to take in. I will be using a temp basal for the amount of hours on the course at 50% basal rate but if that is still too much then I am to cut it back to 20%. Last year before I went on the pump I was injecting novalog with a pen and forgot to check my bg before I took the 15 units. I went in for pizza and while I was waiting I had a serious low that scared even me and my two golfing buddies. Now on the pump I don’t have that worry anymore but I will have to watch it on vacation. That’s all for now.