Update on Morning Highs

Been about a week since I made the changes to my basals in the pump. So far It has been good. Just a few but I believe those are due to miscounting carbs. The increase in the overnight/morning basal settings have more or less flattened out the bg readings. So I am happy at this point. I need to watch what I eat and how much and hope for the best.

Great news! Good basals are a wonderful thing :slight_smile:

I’m with you Richard!!! I’m testing basals and tweaking here and there. My mornings were rough because I often woke up high. High in the morning = high all the live long day!!! Addressed that.

I also dealt with coffee spike so I got more aggessive with bolus to cover my first cup of Joe. Things are going much better.

Small changes can make a huge difference. Glad they are working for you as well.