Hot Sauce/ Capsaicin

I have an odd question, and I completely forgot to ask the dietitian i saw a couple weeks ago. Figured this would be a good place.

I was diagnosed on sept 20, and i immediately cut a lot of bad things out of my diet (cookies candies, cakes soda… junk food, basically). About 2 days later, I had an immense craving for hot sauce, so I started using it. I’ve always liked a bit of hotsauce, but this was a genuine increase. The craving has calmed down quite a bit, but i still find that I prefer more hot sauce than before.

I did a little research, and i was able to find that some people found capsaicin (the ‘hot’ in hot sauce) helped regulate blood sugar.

Anyone know what would cause the sudden craving, or anyone have similar experiences?

Well… while I can’t give you an exact answer on this, I know that when people practice intuitive eating… they find the body will crave various things, at times. I think the body will associate certain foods with certain nutrients, and sort of “remembers,” this a bit… and when it wants more or less of something, it will ask for it. lol This is a stab in the dark BUT… my dad was an agricultural engineer, and he would point out to me the odd behavior of animals, at times… when they would lick “odd” things… like cinder blocks. He would say, he is licking that because he is lacking x or y mineral in his diet, and that’s a sure sign of that. I don’t think that’s too far off from humans. While multi-vitamins help, it is more beneficial that we try to get the most of our vitamins and minerals from our foods we consume, as they are easier for the body to absorb, and the results are more immediate. Capsaicin does lower blood sugar numbers a bit. There have been some studies on it, too…

I consider myself a “chili head” and use quite a bit of hot sauce, hot peppers and things like that. Hot sauce itself is fine, you will get some metabolism boost from it, but minimal. If you are not used to hot sauce, your body may “freak out” a bit if you overdo it and you have a bit of a reaction, kinda like an adrenaline rush. Other that that hot sauce is actually a quite healthy condiment, certainly better than something sweet or salty. The thing you really need to watch for is sugars or carbs added to the sauces, that is a killer. My favorite is called ‘Sriracha’

I have not found whether or not it has any affect on my blood glucose. I don’t use enough at any one sitting to make any significant difference, I am guessing. But hot sauce does make me satisfied with less food. Its one trick I use for losing weight.

And I love that Sriracha. And Cholula hot sauce is a regular at my table.

I don’t eat hot sauce but my ex used to love the stuff. I used to buy him the “gourmet” super hot stuff from “Hot Sauce World” website. hehe. (got myself some cute skeleton keychains that way:) ).

But I think I remember most of the hot sauces contain vinegar. Or at least a lot of them do. I think that the capsaicin is so hot that most people can not eat it pure and that is is often diluted in sauce with other ingredients.

Just wondering if their is vinegar in your hot sauce because vinegar is known to help with BG. It helps me anyhow. I make vinegared cucumbers and I swear when I eat them I end up with lower numbers two hours later.

Just a thought.

My cat likes to lick the plastic and glue parts on envelopes and plastic bags and will lick my laptop if I don’t watch her. She likes plastic. I don’t know why. Not all my cats do that though. :slight_smile:

Most have vinegar.

I didn’t do a LOT of research… but I did run across a blog or 2 where the writer was doing some tests, and noticed that adding spice to his food seemed to result in lower blood glucose. Either way, it doesn’t really matter much… ill just live with and eat it… it’s quite yummy :slight_smile:

The combo of the hotness and vinegar might be a winner than! :slight_smile:

Yep, Duck. Go for it! :slight_smile:

Maybe the hot in the spicey melts all our extra blood sugar! LOL!

One theory might be that when one stops eating too much junk food (that tends to dull the taste buds), people will want more flavorful foods and can handle those that have quite a punch to them. It is like waking up your taste buds to the “real” flavor of things. I read this somewhere once. :slight_smile:

Oh, I am having such a hard time with the popcorn lately, Duck. grrr…Yesterday I had popcorn as my lunch. It was the only way I could squeeze it in to my daily diet.

Capsaicin, in itself, supposedly lowers BG… (like people who add ground cayenne pepper to everything, etc) There’ve been some studies, right along the lines of the vinegar studies… I am sure the vinegar in the hot sauce helps, too… I think as every thing out there, though, YDMMV.

I was diagnosed Sep 27 of 2010, and know exactly what your talking about.
I chalked it upto the fact when trying to eat well it’s mostly veggies and after a very short while every meal starts to tast the same.
I have always been a chili lover, and knew from reading many articles it was ok to eat.
But I still developed a craving for strong flavors, anything chili’s, mustard, pungent cheeses you name it.

I think it’s taste bud boredom.
Also the strnger the flavors the less was my appetite attacks.

LOVE HOTSAUCE!!! Cou;dnt tell you about the bs though. I also love cyanne pepper but that’s a whole nother story! THE HOTTER THE BETTER!!!

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I can’t handle very hot but I like peppery stuff more than hot sauce stuff. I think this is because my mom made all bland food when I was growing up - I never got introdcued to any spices. The spicest we had was A1 steak sauce. I love that stuff. I wish it didn’t have corn syrup in it though.

I noticed the more I have something a bit hot the more I can tolerate it though. I couldn’t handle jalopenos before just being near them I would start tearing! But I have made my own nacho cheese and put some jalopeno juice in it and that I can handle. :slight_smile: But unfortunately my days of pigging out on that stuff are over. :frowning:

My wife and I go out on “Thai” Tuesday’s to the local Thai restaurant. It’s only hot enough if I turn beet red and have sweat on my forehead. My wife laughs everytime:)

My cat likes double-sided sticky tape. We put some on the furniture to prevent her from clawing it, and instead she licks it.

THIS sounds like it fits in the ‘Highly Yummy’ category.

Ha! When I used to go to Thai restaurants and they had that rating system of 1 = mild and 10 = very hot, I used to ask for a negative 1 ! LOL! And even THAT was too spicey for me. I have a wimpy tongue! :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a big capsaicin effect ( It is important to note that many of these experiments were with “LARGE” quantities of capsaicin, 0.5-1g of pure capsaicin. Ingest that amount by mouth and you will be in serious hurt. Take a pill you will be fine. Although vinegar is in things like tabasco, it is really small quantities that are ingested.

Don’t forget that you can ask for the “condiment tray,” which typically will come with dried crushed pepper, sliced green hot peppers, chili garlic sauce and a pickled hot pepper. It it get’s really hot, your lips and your face will turn numb. Be forewarned, it can hurt coming out the back end as well.