Food cravings with high bloodsugar

I notice when I blood glucose levels are high, I usually crave food – and often carbohydrates! I’m curious…what foods do you crave, if any, when your blood glucose is high? How do you resist the urge to satisfy these cravings? Is there an explanation for these cravings?

Oh, yes! I just experience that last night. It seems being high make me hungary! I normally crave something with chocolate. And I’m not that big of a chocolate lover, either! I almost never indulge because I know it will not help me get my sugar down. But then there are those times I WANT MY CHOCOLATE!!!

When I’m high, the thought of food makes me sick actually.

I agree with Melissa, I can’t stomach the thought of food when I’m high. When I’m low it is a different story, I’m so hungry I could eat the contents of my refrigerator.

I agree, when I am high I feel sick. When I am low I mostly want meat. I have even eaten a cold pork chop right out of the fridge (cooked of course).

I get very hungry. For anything I can get my hands on. :slight_smile:


MAN! When my sugar is…like 200-350, I TOTALLY crave food, I don’t care what it is. I feel like I haven’t eaten in days. But like others have said, if my sugar is extremely, extremely high, then pretty much feel hung over. (Don’t actually know what it’s like to be hung over, but it’s what I imagine it to fee like.)

Carbs. I want crackers, chips, french fries, munchies. =)

Isn’t that weird how high BS can do this!? It’s quite annoying.

It makes me want cookies. I become a cookie monster. Resist most of the time because of the end result. We don’t keep cookies that much any way. Some times Cookie doe.

What is wrong with cold pork chops right out of the fridge? that is good eating

I try to eat very low carb food. Like a piece of cheese and lunch meat, or some almonds. That way I can give insulin for the correction and there’s not much to actually give for the snack I have.

There actually is a reason for craving food when your sugar is abnormally high…Your body does not have enough insulin to metabolize the glucose that is in the bloodstream. Because your body’s cells are not getting this needed glucose, you actually “trick” your body into thinking it needs more food because of the lack of blood glucose actually getting metabolized. This isn’t a phenomenon for all people though. Some people experience nausea for some reason.

I wonder if it has to do with the presence of ketones or not. When I am ketonic, my body is in flush mode. I crave water, need to pee, and sometimes vomit up whatever is still in my stomach. Maybe the turning point between the body thinking it needs more glucose and ridding itself of additional glucose is all about ketones.

I’m sure someone here in our community would know the answer to this…

When my sugars are high, I often crave a bowl of cereal. I’m not sure why! It’s hardest for me to resist the urge to satisfy the craving when it’s in the middle of the night. Perhaps I’m not thinking as clearly during this time of day. Also, perhaps my self disciple and awareness that eating the cereal WON’T help the problem isn’t so great at night. Sometimes the cravings are just so great! How have you taught yourself to be good and not go for it? I’d love some advice!

Thanks so much for sharing this explanation!