House Members Riled Over Insulin Prices


This is getting completely off the topic of this thread not to mention incredibly ignorant.

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Sanofi responds to the outrage over high list pricing:

Sanofi expands ValYou Program with $99 prescription plan

Note that this action comes out on the same day that Pharma executives are scheduled to testify to Congress. Are you awake yet (@Dave44 :wink:)?


what do you mean, am I awake yet? I spend more time awake and busy than I do sleeping. what’s up?

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While the ethanol part is probably nonsense the rest of it is relevant


I was only referring to the ethanol post.




Diabetes is a case study. Our illness has certain advantages for making the case. But, it was Epipen before diabetes. Its all chronic illness all the time down at my state capitol this session. Every time I go I see tons of people from the chronic illness community. As a proportion. I talk with diabetics, but they are only a small representative faction of all the illnesses that are there lobbying. Diabetes is the model that they are using to represent many, many different illness groups. Its an interesting divergence of strategy - they go broad, then they go specific (diabetes), they go broad, then they go diabetes specific. They are attempting to achieve goals through a variety of different mechanisms.

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The riled up lawmakers were even MORE riled up yesterday.

Here’s a good overview:

STAT News - Lawmakers grill PBMs/Pharma

If you couldn’t watch the hearings live here is the YouTube link. Note that the hearing doesn’t begin until the 01:53:20 mark:

Congressional Oversight Hearing - Priced Out of a Lifesaving Drug, Round 2


Thanks for these links, @YogaO. I particularly like this serious-as-a-heart-attack rant from Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois.

“I don’t know how you people sleep at night,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) told the assembled panel. “You’re in trouble … if you think you can just out talk us without any transparency, without any accountability, I just want you to know your days are numbered.”

I can only hope that some of this passion can survive the process and time it takes to legislate. Big Pharma’s huge ability to help finance campaign contributions for legislators is a formidable hurdle to overcome. Just think about that. They overcharge us for a medication we need to survive and they take some of that overcharge to turn our legislators against our best interests.

The tenor of the bipartisanship displayed at this and last week’s hearings is a breath of fresh air I have seldom witnessed in my life. I think the sentiments of patients like us are exacting a beneficial effect on our representatives. We need to keep up the pressure. Our losing interest is something Big Pharma hopes for. Let’s disappoint them!


Until we find a way to get big money out of politics nothing is going to change. Legislators take care of their big donors before their constituents. “Follow the money.”


I agree that money almost always overpowers the electorate’s political sentiments. Every once in a while, however, grassroots political movements arise that clearly threaten the officeholder’s usual calculus. I think this movement, as evidenced by the strong appearance of bipartisanship displayed in these hearings, has a definite chance to overcome the influence of money.

Campaign finance reform has been sorely needed for generations. I think it would be better for us if we chose to make all campaign donations illegal and publicly fund campaigns. This may never happen but it’s what’s needed for real reform.

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I’m glad this issue is finally getting some attention, I hope it will shine a light on the broader question of drug prices.

I am retired and on Medicare. I just entered the doughnut hole, largely because of the price of insulin. For me this is not financially sustainable over the long term.

My copay for Treshiba went from $13 to $149. Did they set such a low copay to get me to sign on to their plan and then get me into the doughnut hole faster so they can hammer me?

I wish they wern’t constantly playing games with prices. The end result is always for me to may more so they can make more.

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Have you ever looked into getting your insulin from Canada when you fall into the donut hole? I’ve never done it myself but have read comments from others who are happy with that tactic.


Might be a better plan than hoping Congress is going to help.


Insulin is on our money after all, we are happy to help!


They were riled, weren’t they? Its getting good. If you want to hear where they start the public hangings - start play at hour 3.


We love you, Canada. Your the best!


The topic is crooked politics and ethanol is like the perfect example.

Go ahead fix my ignorance and post something that explains how burning over a gallon of diesel in the process of making gallon of ethanol is anything but a scam.

The topic here is corporate dirtbags and government sacks of ____.

Don’t let their public speaking skills and superficial charm fool you “thankyou for the question”, how polite, they look like you and me but they are cockroaches and should be treated as such and until people realize that they will continue to play their slimy games and use our sickness as an ATM machine.


Watching now. I think if I here the words “out of pocket” one more time I will vomit. Why can’t they say “personal funds” or something like that ?

Why can’t we just get rid of all the parasites between the biochemists in the lab who make the insulin and us the people that us it ??

Seems to me if insurance just completely stopped covering insulin it would be cheaper cause the massive army useless people getting paychecks and consuming office supplies wile producing nothing of any value would be out of the picture.

I am trying to understand this steaming pile of BS by looking at Google images.

This is so $%^&&ed up !!


They should be outraged. This was all set up by Eli Lilly I believe. The biggest factory in this country is Eli Lilly’s which makes insulin. They saw it, they knew it, they capitalized it. Or Veni, vidi, Vici…Middle class disappearing, insurance costs and prices skyrocketing, companies would rather shut down then pay pensions or retirements. And what do people have to do, who do they turn to? Politicians? They make the mafia look like Girl Scouts.