How can a Teacher be so Insensitive

I am sure…that everyone in this community has had people who say and do the wrong thing when it comes to your treatment due to diabetes. Well…my son was just diagnosed on November 14 of this year, so he is pretty new at all of this and so am I. So when he was treated poorly by a teacher…it really upset him and me. Here is what happened yesterday.
My son is still on pen injections. At his school they do not have them test their BG in the classroom… they have them go to the nurses office to do it. My son is 15 and would rather do it there anyway than in front of his classmates. Well…at the end of the day…is when he feels the worst and goes the lowest so he needs to go and check his bg at the end of class (Science) so he knows he is ok for the long bus ride home when he chooses to bike home. His teachers have all been given a not from the nurse saying he needs to leave class when needed to test and from me via email. This teacher has not been very possitive about letting him go…and yesterday upon entering the class w/ his friends…she said: “Are you going to need to go anywhere today? Should I just write the pass now and get it over with?” He was shocked by this. He just said “I don’t know.” and went to his seat. He came home and it was the first think he told me after school. He even asked his dad…"What shoud I have said?"
I told him that what she said was unacceptable. He doesn’t abuse the need to go to the nurse and even the nurse says he comes only at the end of class and is in and out very quickly. I was so angry at this woman for making him feel wrong for needing to test his blood!
I have spoken with the nurse and she said for me to call the school administration. I told her that I will wait on that and call the teacher first. I will tell the teacher the importance of him testing at that time and how she made him feel with that comment. If she is rude to me…or him ever again…then I will go to the adminstration. I feel she needs a little “education” before I do that.
School is tough enough if you are a 15 yr old. Sophomore. He doesn’t need teachers making him feel bad about himself too!!!

OMG! She was completely out of line! It’s not like she didn’t know what has been going on. To be honest though, I would take someone in from Administration to sit and talk with her together. That way, you kill two birds with one stone.
Poor kid, he probably felt so embarrassed and angry! GRR! It makes me wanna strangle her! Sorry, my temper flares with this kind of thing.

Yes… I have been upset for him since he told me. He hasn’t abused going to the nurse at all. He didn’t deserve that. The nurse is upset for him too. I am just going to talk to her on the phone first. I left her a message to call me. If that doesn’t go well and “fix” things…yes… I will go the route of using the Administration. I have to show my son that he dosesn’t need to allow someone to treat him like that and that he has done nothing wrong.

I’m sure he has a 504 accomodation. If not, you need to get one right away. Then either call the counsellor or the principal everytime it gets violated. That’s what I need with my daughter. She had a malignant brain tumor and all the health and learning issues that come with that. There were several times I had to be her advocate.

I mean, that’s what I did with my daughter, oops

Katsz, how frustrating that must be for you! I just don’t know what makes people think it is okay to be impatient and rude to ANYONE who has to take care of a serious illness, or who needs to be accommodated a little more. I’ve always hated schools for this – holding up kids to insane standards of behavior, and often not letting them go to the nurses office, or bathroom when they need, illness or not. Then kids end up having ‘accidents’ because of these moron teachers. I think in your case, this teacher knows enough already, that she should’ve known better… and this is in fact, an attitude problem where she is taking out her frustration of having to accommodate a ‘change’ in her tight discipline, that she’s taking it out on your son. I don’t think talking to her, on your own, might do much, for such a brazen show of disrespect against your son. I hope it does… but… I think I would’ve just called the Administration, and spoken to her (like Sarah said) with the Admin. Kathyann’s suggestion is pretty good, too…

Being a teen is hard enough, add that to the responsibility of managing your diabetes and your son is doing well, and does not need the added stress. you may well want to mention to the administration that this could be considered a violation of the Americans with Disabilites act and quite likey a civil rights violation as well and the administration would be held federally liable.

It is an unfortunate fact that the world is grossly uneducated (including DR(s) and nurses) on the topic of diabetes… To be honest, I’ve learned more on-line and support groups, than I ever did from ALL my doctors. We need to stop hiding our disease and start speaking up!!

You probably already had the conversation, but I would absolutely contact that teacher directly, confirm that the conversation happened as your son describes (of course it did, but give her a chance to explain) then explain your son’s needs and also explain that comments like that are, as Dave in MD stated, a violation of his rights. We had issues with Caleb last year, and until I started using certain terms and references, not many were paying attention. But as soon as I directly (and diplomatically) explained things to them, there was an about face. Personally, I would also follow up with an email to the teacher summarizing the conversation and copying her boss, presumably the principal, so that there is a permanent record of the conversation.

Please, please, please let us know how it goes. I feel so bad for your son! At least you can let him know we are all in an uproar about it. I agree with your method of speaking to her first, kinda a shot across the bow (boat reference if I spelled it right). Good luck, let us know how it goes!

I am a teen with diabetes, and have had many similar struggles…to almost no avail. In my school diabetes is treated as if it is MY fault, as if unexpected lows and my pump being ripped off are something I can avoid! My freshman year, I believe I too was 15 at the time, I was written up and sent to the office for using my “cell phone” in class when in all reality I was just trying to discreetly give myself insulin…I was in tears just walking up to the office, and on the way to the office I remembered that I had not finished my bolus so I removed my pump from the holster and proceeded to bolus, only to then be caught by another teacher and had a hand in arm escort to the office! I was suffering from high blood sugar, and really just needed insulin…NOW. I was feeling like I was going to throw up and no one cared.
I hope your son will be able to come to terms with his illness and not be ashamed of something that is not his fault and if the teacher asks about it again, to make it joke. I mean, it’s like teasing, if you don’t let it bug they will stop.
I have been known to blurt out in the middle of class, “hey can I go puke and then shoot up?” They really just don’t know how to respond, and I find enjoyment in their reactions :smiley: