Update on the Teacher that was rude to my Son

She never called back. So my son asked her...did you get my mom's voicemail??? The teacher said..."NO, I didn't see it". So, my son gave her my phone # and told her that I wanted to talk to her...this was on Friday. She never called. I talked to the nurse. She wanted me to go to the adminstration and deal with it there. I told her I would rather send an email that requests for my son to leave class...10 minutes early w/out a pass so that he can test before he get on the bus or bikes home. This way the teacher would not have to bother writing a pass and he won't have to bother asking her for one. The nurse said that was a good idea. The teacher finally answered me....by replying to the email here was all she said...

"I have no problem with that."

That is all she said. Part of me wants to still tell her I want to talk to her....but since my son is already doing poorly in her class....I will just leave it at that as long as she doesn't say anything rude to him again. If she does....I will go to the administration next time.

Yeah… I think she knows what she did was out of line, and was trying to avoid you, and the issue, entirely… I don’t think she’s sorry, at all… and I kind of suspect something similar might happen again… But you are right. For now, it’s best to leave it at that, and only deal with it when it comes up again.

Hi Katsz, I agree, the teacher knows she is wrong. If things don’t go well I would recommend having a meeting with the Principle and include the Nurse who seems to be on your and your son’s side.

Make sure you keep a copy of your email, so if this does come up again, you can take it and the response to the administration. But I agree, it’s a waiting game now. How is your son feeling now? Has the initial hurt worn off?

Sounds like a good idea, as far as the Note From Mom that hopefully makes the process more efficient. As was said, make sure to keep the emails on file just in case. Another point: I don’t recall if your son leaves class every day to test BGs or just periodically when needed… But if it’s the latter, it might also make a point it he has permission to leave but doesn’t (not at all saying to avoid testing, just when it’s possible - if he doesn’t do it each day.) Might show the teacher that he isn’t taking advantage of this privilege - though it does bother me that teachers don’t trust students in the first place on things like this.

Well…you all couldn’t be more right. He was told to go at the last 10 minutes to test now every day at the end of the class so he knows he is ok for the bus/bike ride home. He is also supposed to go if he feels he is symptomatic. Today…he was 88 at lunch and by the time it was that last class (her class) he was feeling like he was dropping again. He waited til “HIS” watch said it was the last 10 mins and got up to go…SHE STOPPED HIM!!! She said…“You have 2 more minutes before you can go.” He looked at her and said "REALLY??? " then sat back down. I called the nurse. Nurse wanted me to go to the admin. but offered to talk to her one last time to give he all the possible chances. She told her he is to be able to get up and leave any time but that he must at least leave at the end to test to come home. Teacher listened and said ok. Nurse and I will both go to Admin. if there is any more problems with her. No more chances!!! Son is ok…just frustrated and says it is hard for him not to be rude back…but he hasn’t.

If it doesn’t go well soon, we could always organize a “letter” (email) drive to the administration on you and your son’s behalf! I think they would have to listen to hundreds of letters explaining the need for a diabetic student to go to the nurses office when necessary. We need more school systems to have Diabetes Awareness.

That is crazy. This teacher is very controlling and has issues about her authority, doesn’t she? I hope she stops messing with him. He could leave if he feels low and walk directly to the office. So if she says he walked out of class he would be in the office reporting to administration. I feel for your son. That is so unfair.

Yesterday…he left at the last 10 minutes…not a peep out of the teacher!!! Yeah!!!

Progress. :slight_smile: