How could I refuse Sohair:)

I sit with my broken DNA and wonder about this evolution
is this is where I stopped and others pass
I sit and see the blue of violets and the red of roses and ask
what need does evolution have of these colors?

There is so much green in a tree and so many tree’s a different green
There is so much thought in a drop of rain
So much love in a child’s smile
So much devotion from the dog that sits by my side

What need does evolution have of this

For my broken DNA I can give thanks to the one who has created us all
Different faces and different names we use our differences to teach on another
A human evolution that turns us to the one who had created.
In Him I am accepted for He has known about what He has created

His gift to me yet another color on another flower
Another shade of green
Many children who smile at me
and dogs that keep my feet warm and remind me I am loved

The rainbow kissed the sky
The rain drops settled down on tree leaves
The birds sang love songs
The tree branches danced to the breeze
My heart prayed
Oh God, You are so beautiful
Pain has million tastes
Bitter or sweet
So is our path
Till we reach you
And hide forever
In your loving palm

5 December 2008

Amen :slight_smile:

A mother knows suffering has no respect for age
A child who suffers since first breath knows nothing of it’s harm
A mother hurts for her child as if it hurts herself
A child does not understand they can not miss what never was

A transference takes place if you will among this life we live
Death comes for us all
So often we do not seek the wisdom suffering brings
Instead we run away

A mother stops to listen to her suffering child and finds
The child has only kind and wise words to say
The child’s world who suffers is much deeper then ours
The child cares little for the woe’s of the world

What can we learn from the suffering?
All the things we raise our voices in anger to
Have no place in one’s last breath
Pretenses gone all that’s left is love

Love is the only thing that matters

what a lovely poem abt colours i loved it so much

Sorry it took me so long to reply it has been crazy around my house with people and for some reason firefox would not let me reply !

Renee this is cute it reminds me of Dr. Suess one of my fav poets ever!

Be loved

Hi Marwa I love them to because they are all gifts not one color is “needed” for anything other then the pleasure of our eyes. The same with different textures to touch and scents to smell. Perfect beautiful gifts
Be loved