A leaf falls from the tree of life

In life we take so much for granted the air we breath the cool wind on our faces on a hot Summers day the drops of rain that run down our faces if caught in a storm the snowflake that tickles your nose as it lands and melts all these things are free and there to enjoy OK being out in a snowstorm is not fun or being caught out in a thunderstorm but there is always a small price to pay in anything in life we do so on a day like today where a cool breeze wonders past my body and the Sun has decided to lift the dark clouds from the sky let us spend a few minutes close our eyes and wonder to a place deep in our mind so nice we become unaware of our own problems that haunt us day after day, not easy is it but practice does get you to your inner self eventually where you can bath in the warmth of your self being,physical and mental problems are I am afraid part of being human
we struggle to come into this world and most of us struggle all through our lives with things we would not wish on anyone else but there by the grace of God go I,my Ancestors have stood in my shoes and had to deal with what life gave them so we are never really alone in our DNA are traces of those who went before us,carried the family banner and wondered why me.
The birds are singing/chirping babies calling to moms and dads for food life is but a circle there is so much to enjoy even in the mist of pain and self doubt.![|640x480](upload://sJG7alFoa6F0HlJMPxy0oJVKVdr.jpeg)