How do I GAIN WEIGHT and keep my BG's under control?

I’ve been a Type 2 since 1992, and on a pump for about 4 years (just switched to an Animas Ping).

After living a low carb, low salt lifestyle for years, I now find myself in the strange positon of having to gain weight after being in the hospital for 4 days last March. (I had a bout with the 24 hour bug, dropped 15 pounds).

I have tried occasional snacks of “goodies” (CASHEWS !!) and eating the extra cookie before bedtime, but I’m still loosing weight (I was put on a 2,000 calorie a day diet by my endocrinologist over a year ago).

Is there any safe way to gain weight without sending my BG’s through the roof??

Thanks in advance…


Hi Joe,

I need to gain weight also from eating low carb. My endo recommended I eat more protein & told me to slowly add a couple of ounces of protein to each meal. It helped.

For days when I’m rushed, I eat (drink) protein powder shakes. I also add protein powder to soups & in low carb baking. There are many different protein powders, but I use whey isolate (isolate form is superior to hydrolyzed) because it’s supposed to be the best & highest in protein. I avoid soy. I add unflavored whey isolate protein powder (check labels because the flavored powders have much higher carbs) to unsweetened almond milk, add flavoring (unsweetened cocoa powder) & sweetener. It’s very low carb, filling & yummy.

Of course, protein digests more slowly than carbs so I had to increase my bolus a bit for the increased protein. I’m Type 1. Since you’ve got a pump, this won’t be hard for you to do. Test 3-4 hours after eating to see if your BG is rising.

I eat a lot of nuts, too. Low carb & high calorie.