Weight gain

i have a problem gaining weight it seems i can’t any ideas?

Hi Bruce,

Welcome to Tu D! Glad you’re here.

I saw your other post where you mentioned eating 30-40 carbs per meal. Are you very active? Wondering if you’re burning up all the carbs you’re eating. How do your BG readings look? Are you hungry frequently?

I can relate to what you’re going through because I have a hard time gaining weight, too, I eat low carb, so that’s the issue for me. My endo suggested eating more protein because I don’t want to eat more carbs & have to take more insulin. Additional protein has helped me gain some weight. I was drinking whey isolate protein shakes mixed with unsweetened almond milk, a splash of heavy cream & flavoring. If you get unflavored whey protein powder (isolate is the best type), it only has 1 carb per scoop. Read the label because some are high carb. I recently changed to pea protein because it’s less expensive, but the whey isolate tastes better to me.

Protein powder is digested more quickly than eating regular protein, so bear this in mind regarding timing your injections. Also, 50% of protein turns to glucose, so if you add more protein you may need to adjust your insulin.

Hope this helps.

Happy new year!

Dear Bruce. You should come a bite me hopefully it is contagious. One way I found to gain 10 lb is to go on a diet and loose 10 lb. You will be starving and probably regain 20 lb as I did.

thanks gerri
i will try that. my bg’s have been high latley so my dr. increased my nifgt shots by double. he thinks that now i’m not taking enough at night to keep everything evened out.

Hope it helps! Carbs will add weight, of course, but easier to add protein.