How do u change from nite insulin to day

I have my lowest readings at nite while I sleep. The amount of insulin is. Not doing it post and after meals. I wake up 120 FBS. Eat a no carb meal eggs cheese omelet. Shoots to 207. I want to switch to mornings how do I do this safely? My shots r at 11 pm before bed. I am not sleeping for fear of lows. Worried if Dr. Ups units I will drop in then night. I think I will feel better if I switch to am shots. Has anyone done better with Lantus during the day? I am not a happy camper eating so little and seeing on results. I’m hungry but I would be ok if I saw some results. One week on the Lantus. Help

Have you asked your doctor or DE if you can switch the time you use Lantus? I'd start there. My DE said if my bg is low at bedtime to use 1/2 the usual dose and then use the other 1/2 dose 12 hours later. I'm not telling you to do that, but that would be a way to switch your doses around so you take it in the morning. Ask your doc for advice.

Waiting for Doc to call. I will run this by him. I would never switch with out asking. But I love the group because those who came before me have tried it all. So I know what questions to ask the Dr. I know it’s trial and error in the beginning but I do so want a piece of bread with out shooting to 200. Thanks for the reply.

Your morning spike is a hormonal spike, and when someone eats eggs and cheese it does raise BG.You need some Bolus insulin. Your lantus is working that's why your BG is low at night. Many PWD's suffer from a morning BG spike. My BG will climb 60 to 80 points every morning if I do not treat it to a small dose of fast acting insulin, and this has nothing to do with food. It's the act of getting up and starting the day that triggers my rise in BG and it cannot be controlled with a basal increase....JMHO

John, it is fairly identical to my experience. I don't like it and I cuss seemingly every morning. Cuss on, Little rick, LOL.................rick

I also do as JohnG and just bolus in the morning. On MDI you are caught between a rock and a hard place. Raising my basal enough to suppress my morning Darn Phenomenon results in a basal dose far to high for the rest of the day.

ps. You may find that splitting your dose (1/2 in morn and 1/2 in eve) can even out the overnight highs.
it cannot be controlled with a basal increase

Perhaps for you, but it works great for me.

ETA: I'm on a pump.

Sorry, my edit got lost.

I just noticed this was in the Type 2 Forum and although my diagnosis is Type 2, that's most likely a mistake. Probably LADA.

Up until a couple years ago I was a typical patient that did whatever the docs suggested without question. That is until the wheels fell off the bus. Now I question EVERYTHING and do my own research. I now have a healthcare team that listens and usually accepts my suggestions. If not, they better have a good, published, medical reason for seeking other treatment.

Previous doctors just went with the original incorrect diagnosis, simply because I'm overweight and have hypertension too. Well, none of the typical Type 2 treatments had any effect.

I'm currently waiting for insurance approval for auto-antibody tests. But they are cheap, and the results will not likely change my current (correct) treatment, they are hesitant to approve. However, I just tested positive for the HLA-B27 Antigen (for other reasons) and have discovered researchers have found a very strong association between some HLA alleles and type 1.

In any event I'm on a pump and that makes basal adjustment easy peasy and extremely effective.

If you have a morning spike that is triggered buy getting out of bead then it's unpredictable to treat with a basal increase. My Morning basal setting is 1u per hour but when I get out of bead I need 5u (Right then) to cover the spike which is my second phase of first DP spike starts at 3am and I deal with it buy increasing my basal +.02.

If I skip breakfast and do not correct for my morning spike then I end up using almost as much insulin by noon just correcting the spike back down to my target range as I would have if I had bolused for breakfast.

Yes I also use a pump

That's a pretty significant DP and reinforces the fact that we all react differently.

For the most part, my basal rates keep me in range about 90% of the time irrespective of food intake. If I go high, or low, it's generally due to a Carb count error or some unplanned event I failed to account for, like a systemic infection, extra or reduced exercise, etc.

I can skip breakfast and lunch (I've had to do that a couple time recently) and still be in range or very, very close all day.

me too, me too, me too. a violent nasty rise in the morning. doesn't always happen at the same time either.