How do you control your emotions in front of your child?

You are newly diagnosed. Allow yourself to go through the stages of grief. Do not hold it in. It may take three, four, five years to just go through the stages of grief. The only caveat I have is that I would try to hide my feelings in the presence of the child. They must not be burdened with these feelings. 11 years old is a tough age to be diagnosed because the child is already in pre-puberty or puberty. Endo must counsel you on how to deal with the extreme growth spurts and double to triple insulin dosages needed when the growth hormones are active (for us usually 6pm until 2am in the morning; sometimes till 3:30am). It is extremely difficult, especially since the child comes back into range that same evening later on. So put on your coffee pot nightly; little to no sleep looms for the next three years. Another parent group might be able to counsel you; our endo not much help. Each child is different so you must log, document all food and dosages, basal rates; observe and then make a decision, every few evenings; sometimes nightly. My father was an elec. engineer so his counsel during my childhood (to base decisions on observations, accepting nothing as fact) came in handy. Yes, you are more qualified than many to do this; your training will come in handy. Google "blood sugars during puberty" and you will come up with a lot of info; also search on children with diabetes forums. You are dealing with the roughest part of the battle right now; two years after your DD's first period BG starts to stabilize into a new monthly pattern, without the extreme highs. You can do it; you are well trained for this challenge. Let out your anger, frustration, cry all you want to..... just do it when your child is not around. HUGs. Take care of yourself. P.S. Electronic logs are necessary but keep that written logbook open on a counter with all hourly basals, all boluses, all meals and exercised tracked. You will need to consult it. Written log has been a lifesaver to me during times of unstable sugars.

Thanks so much! I have such little time to myself, I’m either with her or taking care of patients, and the other two kids, sometimes at night I do just cry when kennedy is asleep… I think my husband resents all the time I’m spending with her now…

I read some of the replies and what I want to say to your question is you know your child and how much they can/can't handle. I see a difference in my child when we have issues. My husband is very emotional (an EMT and Patient Care Tech.) when it comes to our 7yo daughter that was diagnosed at 4. If she has a high he reacts and she sees it and she reacts as he does. Then she looks to me and starts asking me what am I going to do. I just turn to her and tell her very simply "We are going to deal with it and no matter what it will be fine" Sometimes that means a trip to the hospital when her pump malfunctions and she begins to throw up and needs fluids to get rid of the keytones and somtimes it means changing that @#$&^ set for her pump again at 1:00 in the am since it didn't work for the third time. I just "Pull up my big girl panties" and get moving. Dwelling on the bad won't make it any better dealing with it will and yes I have my moments but can I change it NO can I make it go away NO. Then why cry about it my child has it and she is the one that has to deal with this for the rest of her life and I have to teach her that whatever happens SHE CAN HANDLE THIS!!!!!

Just remember YOU are the one that knows what your child can and can not handle and base what you do on that. Even with Diabetes and all that goes with it they are still the person that they were before.

As far as the two parents that are arguing GROW UP!! Nothing you are doing is helping the person that has come to US for help. They are asking all of us to give our opinoins and NOT to pick each other apart. I don't usually get this into discussions I just add my two cents and move on but what has happened here has really upset me. NO ONE knows your child better than YOU and both of you are right and BOTH of you are wrong. This woman was looking for your help and look at what you BOTH gave her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes look what I gave her. I gave her advice, I gave her my opinion and I gave her encouragement. I also defended her for not wanting to express her emotions in front of her child and defended my belief on this. Unfortunately difference in opinions can cause people to defend their beliefs.

No need to scould people for something that took place 2 weeks ago and apparently everyone else moved on. Actually no need to scould people period.

Acutally I am not going to get into a contest with you as you did with the other mother on this site. You do whatever you feel is right in the end you are the one that has to live with what you did or did not do. Have a wonderfully delightful day!