Have any of you struggled with this problem?

I was sitting here at my computer after a heated argument with my hubby trying to cool down. I thought I could reach out to this group and see if anyone struggled with this prob. When I happen to get into an argument with my husband or argue with my parents, their first reaction is one of two things. Instead of LISTENING to what I have to say, the immediately think either my blood sugar is low or I am depressed.

Have any of you experienced this? If so, how do you handle it?

It’s so frustrating. Why can’t I be upset, just because I’m upset? My blood sugar is FINE and my “happy pills” are doing their job. You’ve just pissed me off. Any suggestions and/or support would be appreciated.


A point: even if something that somebody else does wouldn’t upset you if you weren’t depressed, if it does upset you then it is entirely reasonable to object.

Personally, I do not stay in arguments if I think they are moving towards being heated.

Thank you so much. That’s the thing I LOVE the most about this site. The “family” feeling I get knowing that I’m not alone with my feelings. Ever since I was diagnosed, 24 years ago, I have always had this feeling that I never quite fit in. Now that I’ve found this site, I feel part of a group. I hesitate to say “normal” because, hell, who’s normal, and who determines what normal is anyway?

:-), yes, Since I got diabetes I chose not to get angry and sad, because tested and proven that when I’m upset my BG shoot up to the highest level. :slight_smile: All I could do is calm down and try not to dwell on the problem, and everytime me and my husband have arguments I would just ask him to shut up, or not mind him while yaking and yaking, I let him vent out his emotions then after that as if nothing happened… Even if I’m experiencing difficulty… all I could do is smile…