How do you handle travel?

We just spent 3 days in Paris (we live in France), our first outing into the real world since V had his pancreas removed. We still don’t have a good handle on the basil/bolus amounts, but we went anyway.
Our approach was to let the BG run a bit high, test lots, and correct within reason. Since we didn’t know what we’d be eating or how much we’d be walking it seemed like a good approach…

Was it?

How do you all handle it?

My husband makes sure he packs snacks. Usually a regular Coke (20oz) and a candybar just in case we’re out and about and he has a low, or he needs something in the middle of the night. (He refuses glucogels and glucose tabs). But even though this is horrible to say and our doctor would cringe if he knew I said this, he too chooses to run a tad higher. His ideal range on vacation is 140-160. Lows are worse than highs. He also adjusts his carb ratio too to be a little bit lower than his usual…especially if he’s eating food he’s never eaten before. (Or eating worse because he is on vacation). He is also more proactive about checking his sugars, especially the bedtime one.

Our hotel room is always a mini snack haven. We usually have graham crackers and peanut butter and milk on hand too to keep the sugars stabilized if he does have a low.

I know everyone is different, but hope that helps!

I carry glucose tablets with me everywhere anyway, they just stay in my purse. I love my Frio for travel or even just for being out and about during the day as it keeps the insulin cold and it doesn’t need refrigeration, just dip in cold water and it’s good for days. I generally wait until the food arrives before I bolus in a restaurant (at home I do it 15 minutes ahead) because otherwise I get anxious waiting for the food and worried about going low. Also that gives me a chance to eyeball it and make sure I’m on track for the carb count. I hate getting up when the food arrives and it’s really annoying if the bathroom is being used, but I think it’s safer to do that way. I find I forget about two hour after test time sometime when there’s a lot going on so have to pay closer attention. Since I’m also a vegetarian and fussy about food I check things out ahead of time to make sure I will have appropriate meals available. The hard part to me is the social aspect of needing to test, eat and bolus on a regular schedule and be off at times from the people I’m with.

Hi Katie - ahhh Paris - lucky you!!!

When I was on needles - I guess the devil side of me will be revealed here (and explain my picture). I would just do my usual basal insulin in the a.m./p.m. - and eat what the heck I wanted (within reason mind you - but when in Rome do as the Romans do) - guesstimate as best as I could at the amount of carbs I was eating. I tended to run abit low in the blood sugar area - and found I injected abit less for food - since usually when travelling - I’m being far more active then I would normally (and loving it - despite the fatigue at night - but it’s a good fatigue). I would try to test when I could - still do the same with my pump - like the other day with being on a motorcycle - can’t just whip off gloves and test while going 60 mph - would lose too much blood.
Anyway, seriously, I think you managed alright the way you wrote above. I’ve never brought a scale with me (have one at home) - I just wing it - and if I do go low from overdosing with fast - glucose tablets like Zoe says - good to have lots with you as their light weight to carry - some water - or in my Devil Girl case - probabably I would stumble upon one of many pastry shops - and have something sugary.

Now I will await the replies to follow mine - that will tell me off (it’s okay - I’m used to it - I’m a big girl now).

Ahhh, the pastries… Well, we WERE on holiday… Yes, he had croissants for breakfast, but we counted those carbs. I think he snuck an ice cream when I left him on his own for an afternoon. He was pretty careful about checking - something he hates to do at home and constantly complains about. He’s not settling in to this routine easily…
You could waste a lot of test strips on the motorcycle as well ;-))

We too have a Harley and go on frequent rides…although I am on the back and not driving - I always keep raisins in my pocket and I have the CGM so I can just glance at it and see if I am dropping too quickly. One time we got stuck in traffic and it was very HOT (on the NY thruway) traffic was stop and start…my husband “rode” the shoulder for a while and fortunately we got out of the sun. Does the sun affect your BG when riding ? Its NOT something I would recommend - but it was an emergency !!!

SO glad you’re out traveling again! A pedometer, a Frio with 4 pre-filled syringes + a tab to keep them where I set them, and a tester. An extra box of each insulin for overnights & vials in a frig. I figure 6 syringes & 10 strips per day. I keep a notebook for food,walk, Lantus & Humalog diary, page a day. I correct at 1 or 2 hours if I’ve messed up my guestimate of carbs.