Relaxed vigilance on vacation

So I am on vacation for two weeks and have experienced that the world doesn't fall apart when I don't keep ever alert and perfect in my D management! I only work part-time now and live alone so I have a lot of time to manage at home. I log everything I eat, test regularly before and two hours after meals, on waking and at bedtime and correct promptly. I write all that down. Now I am out of the country, staying somewhere I can cook if I want but also eating out or at someone else's home quite a bit. Carbs rule in Guatemala, especially if like me you are a vegetarian. However I have been trending way low. I have had several excursions to the 50s and 40s and one day seemed no matter what I did (reduced bolus, temporary basal reduction) I kept returning to 40 as if it were a set point!

So I have been bolusing for less than I am eating and have only twice gone high because of it! Basically I'm winging it! Last night was the ultimate in winging it: I went for dinner at a Guatemalan friend's house and it turned out to be a huge fiesta with 20 relatives and this one Such fun! I ate lots of carbs and bolused conservatively. We drank wine with dinner and then a cousin brought out a bottle of Mezcal, limes and salt and we all did shots. (AR, I know you are laughing). I haven't drank like that in ...decades! I got home, went to bed and totally forgot about testing. I woke up at 5AM and figured I would be either low from the booze or high from the carbs and lo and behold I was a perfect 98! Wow!

I don't feel bad about the sliding management. Usually when I hear people taking "vacations from D" I'm very skeptical. But it's actually a nice break. And yes, for those who know I hate treating lows, I am promptly treating the lows with glucose tabs especially since I can't always control when I eat. Nothing horrible is going to happen if I'm not perfect! I will of course return next week to my usual thoroughness at home. Also to winter; sorry all you U.S. people who are freezing, I'm working on my tan!

Mezcal is a great low carb snack! I often have the save reaction from tossing a lot of booze down the hatch however I dunno if that's a practical, long-term solution? Hee hee...

I don't have a level of organization where I write anything down so writing things down is not really in the cards for me. I don't ever think of "a vacation from diabetes" but love traveling and seeing new places and doing things. Although I guess for you it was more of a return than going somewhere new? That can be fun too!

Even the worm is low carb, though needless to say I was not the one to eat it!
Drinking a lot (a glass or two of wine has no effect on my BG), is a great way to eat more carbs and not go high, but not a solution I will engage in regularly!

Yes, Antigua, Guatemala is where I lived for two years and it's like coming home for me; I love the culture and the country's beauty. I heard it was crazy cold in Chicago - my mittens, scarf and hat seem a vague

That seems crazy that you're trending low, given all the extra carbs and unusual foods. I actually prefer defending against lows than highs.

What's your altitude? I've not visited Guatamala; are there some elevated regions? I only ask because I typically go low when I visit areas at 5000 feet and above. It makes sense to me because your body has to work a little bit harder all the time to do any daily activities.

You're right. We can relax our usual habits once in a while. I do that somewhat on vacation as well. My restaurant eating is usually all SWAG dosing, balanced with more exercise.

Sounds like you're having a good time. Enjoy the warmth while you can. We've had frost on the docks in the SF Bay area a few times recently. Nothing like the rest of the country, though. I leave for two weeks in Hawaii in a few days. I'm looking forward to the warm weather.

Enjoy your remaining days in Guatamala!

We're at 4800 feet here; it didn't affect me when I lived here but I was acclimated. At home I'm only at 2500 so maybe that is the reason. Yes, relaxed vigilance is....well....relaxing!

Thanks, I will enjoy my last few days and you enjoy the warmth in Hawaii - frost in the Bay Area is not normal (I lived there for many years); perhaps we should have coffee next time I visit.